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Happy Birthday A storm is coming!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Churro Monster, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Hey Honey! Happy 29th Birthday for tomorrow.
    May the weather Gods smile upon us this weekend so we can finally get to the mountains to abuse our new bikes. ( Im posting now, - cause its the only time I can get to computer as the kids are asleep :wink: )

    I Love you very much Shaun, youre the best.
    Next year is the big 30. Woo Hoo.
    :birthday: :dance: :beer: \:D/ :bannanabutt:

    Kate xx
  2. Happy Birthday Shaun!!! Weather Gods are being kind so far..have a great weekend :grin:
  3. birthday.

    Hope you have a great day the weather is sensational.
  4. happy birthday dude :)
  5. happy one mate.

    Might see you tonight and I can deliver those 74 birthday punches in person :grin:
  6. Happy 29th!

    I love seeing you two guys together, you're love for each is clearly visible! May this be one of only many birthdays you share together.
  7. Hey happy birthday Shaun!!

  8. Happy b'day for tomorrow Shaun :birthday: :beer:

    Looking forward to catching up with you & Kate soon, can't make it out to coffee tonight coz Jadey's out in the sticks for her uncle's 60th but should be out to a Sat night coffee soon??

    Hope the weather gods are good to you tomorrow so you can give your bikes some fresh air up in the hills :biker:
  9. Happy Birthday Shauny Boy! :grin: :birthday:

    See ya at coffee tonight. :)
  10. :birthday:
    TERRR! Happy birthday Blackie!! :LOL:

    Hope your day is wonderful! :grin:

    I hope your Bday is full of wonderful people and great celebrations!

    :birthday: :beer:
  12. Thanks all for the kind words, this weekend has been fantastic so far. Looking forward to ridin the beast and whoring her out to all my friends in a few hours. :grin: :demon:. Oh, i am talking about my bike by the way. :LOL:
  13. Happy Birthday Shaun! I hope your day is an awesome one! :birthday:
  14. Happy birthday, Storm! You pimp, you :LOL:
  15. A very big happy birthday to you Shaun! Hope you get spoilt rotten :grin:
    Have a great day.

  16. Happy Birthday Bud, I miss seein you guys, hope you have a great day...... if I know Kate, you'll have a great day!

    Love Johnny O
  17. Well good to catch up with you today :grin: Happy Happy Birthday :dance: hope you had a great ride of the gixer on the way down the hils!!!
  18. Happy birthday dude!

    All great people are born on the 26th August! Although, youre 2 years ahead of me you old fart! hehe
  19. Happy Birthday Shaun,

    Hope you had an awesome birthday today. Sorry I didn't make it along on the ride today but at least I got to wish you happy birthday yesterday. Hope you had a great day.

    Cheers, Brij
  20. Happy belated birthday, Shaun :)