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Happy Birthady VCM

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Fellow Horneteer and getting-to-be old guy :LOL:

    Have a great 47th today!

  2. Have a good one. Hope it is fun!

  3. :birthday:
    hope u have a great day and that your not working too hard :grin:
  4. Thanks Guys ...
    Paul : a special thx for reminding me ( ie getting-to-be old guy ) :p
    WGM: ta mate! Had my Birthday early this year .. did the Anzac Day Ride ! What a HOOT !!! Finally ... no longer a Black-Spur virgin.
    Bubbles: Thanks sweet, but I'm hoping I'm busy, gotta finance my true passion in life :wink:
  5. Happy birthday mate.
  6. Have a good one VCM
  7. Thx stewy, 2wheels
  8. Happy burfday. :)
  9. Onya Vinnie!!! Have a good one mate :grin:
  10. All the best VCM have a great one!
  11. Spots, Dougz, smee , Thanks Guys !!
  12. VCM, may your photoshopping skills not dim with your age.

    Happy birthday mate. :)
  13. Avagoodun ol chap.
  14. ta Loz !! .. Rob ! ( I mean Wally ) :LOL:
  15. Happy Birthday old man :)
  16. ok.. no need to rub it in yian
    THX :LOL:
    catch up on wednesday ( if you're still rockin up )
  17. Yea I'll be popping in. Bring ya a cupcake or something haha :) Not sure if I can fit 47 candles on it though.
  18. :rofl:
  19. ThankYou Caz ! :wink: