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Happy belated birthday to Firefling

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flipper, May 31, 2009.

  1. Seeing as I couldn't post this up yesterday morning with the forums down, I would like to wish Minna a very happy birthday for yesterday.
    She thought she was gonna get away with not having a HB thread but she was obviously wrong :LOL: :p
    A great weekend was had with lots of fun and laughs....bubble fests at HQ right thru to the Asian Karaoke at China town we found ourselves in the early hours of this morning :LOL:

  2. Happy Birthday Minna! How's the head?
  3. :birthday: :beer: :woot: :dance: :biker:
  4. happy birthday Minna.
  5. happy bday minna :grin:
  6. Happy Birthday Minna

    (sorry we couldn't make it saturday night)
  7. yes indeed, happy birthday for yesterday, minna :)
  8. Yes I was wondering were this thread had gone :grin: Hope Im getting my KTM 990 adventure Minna :wink:
  9. im guessing she hasnt recovered yet
  10. Just barely recovered. Thanks everybody :)

    Man, I haven't been to a karaoke for ages...my head remembered too late why I avoid them...nurofen anyone?

    Sorry ken, yet to check the lottery.