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Happy B'Day Holster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jomo, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Happy birthday Holly.

    Have a great one you old duck :grin:

    Merry xmas to the rest of you :)
  2. :eek: you beat me to it Jomo!

    Happy Birthday Holly!
  3. Thanks guys!!!! you're lovely and stuff.
  4. :LOL:
    what kind of stuff are we talking about here? :p
    i have to ask, do people get stingey and get you 1 gift saying its both xmas n birthday?
    or is it awesome getting like twice as many things?? :grin:
    have a drink or 10 for me!
  5. Not really - not from my family. The few times I've only got 1 big present it's been pretty decent like an o/s trip.

    This year I scored a digital camera (one of the olympus waterproof / shockproof ones) and a pair of diamond and emerald earings for my main b/day and christmas present.

    I've been drinking martini's since last night....
  6. Happy Birthday Holly ! :birthday:

    shaken or stirred ? :p
  7. Happy Birthday Holly. :birthday:
  8. hello eyes dont knows ya but :birthday: anyway