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Happy B'day Cejay

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wizud, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Many happies Cliff, hope you have a rewarding and fulfilling year
    Rick :birthday:

  2. all the best from another Upwegian :grin:
    may you get everything you wish for :)
  3. Happy Birthday, Cliff. With the move to Cairns and all the other changes, I hope this year is a great one for you and your's.
  4. do we still wish people in cairns a happy birthday :shock: :p

    Have a good day mate, and i hope you are both safe and well and the flooding isn't causing you any trouble

    cheers stewy
  5. Avagoodun CJ ya legend. Hope things are under control up there.
  6. Happy birthday bro. :)

    Hope you're havin a fab day.

    Man hug :)
  7. happy birthday cejay
  8. Happy birthday Cejay!!!

    Is it wrong to think that 250's rock!!
  9. Tis a good day! Thanks for all the well wishes.

    It's hard to be happy though when there is so much sadness around.

    Liz is taking me out to a nice restaurant this evening, our first real trip out. :)
  10. Have a good one Cliff.
  11. Have a goodun cliffy
  12. Hope you're wined & dined a plenty CeJay.
    Hugs for your birthday. BBxox
  13. Very best birthday wishes Cejay.
    Hope the night out is very good.
    When are you and Liz coming back to Melbourne to collect the trophies you left behind?

    luv su.
  14. Happy bday Cliff :birthday:

    I hear ya, but there's always a lot of sadness around and you shouldn't feel guilty for having something to be happy about :)

    Great to hear Liz is spoiling you for your birthday, make sure you have plenty of dessert :wink: :wink:

    Azz & Jadey :grin:
  15. We found a really nice Indian in Cairns CBD. T'was a lovely evening. Unfortunately I had to come back and do work :(
  16. Happy birthday CeJay!


    Hope this year is filled with happiness and lots of visitors to you and Liz's new abode up north :grin:

  17. Many happy returns Cejay :)
  18. happy bday!
  19. Happy Birthday mate !