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Happy 60th Birthday smee Χρονια πολλα

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by goz, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Happy birthday dude

  2. LOL. Happy birthday, Smee.
  3. Goz u are a dag mate thanks it gave me a giggle even if you got the age wrong
  4. Happy birthday mate (y)
  5. Wow, smee, you've aged quickly :LOL:

    A sincere many happy returns for the much lower target!!
  6. Happy birthday, Smee!
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  7. happy birthday big fella
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  8. happy birthday ya bloody... ;)
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  9. Birpy Happday your smeeship.
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  10. Happy birthday mate :)
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  11. Cheers folks, had a great time with wifey and child who took me mini golfing (son's idea as he loves mini golf)
  12. Happybirthaversary :)
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  13. have a great day smee
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  14. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

    Ooooo mini golf... where??
  15. Was at the black light mini golf in the docklands.
  16. Best wishes fella
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  17. HB Smee. (y)
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  18. Happy birthaday for yesterday Smee.

    Damn I wish I had known earlier. I would have started a nodding thread to mark the occasion.
  19. If you're into mini golf there is a great one down Bellarine Peninula in Wallington. Not the one with the wooden maze, the one on the other corner. It has 2 different course both eighteen holes with interesting obstacles.

    And btw - Happy Birthday Smee
  20. Thanks for the tip HB i might just have to check it out. But i have a slight problem, i have never golfed before (and so mini golf does not sound too terrifying) now if someone was to give me some pointers...