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Happy 40th Birthday Kamikaze Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Magic, May 26, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday for last Wednesday sweetie!

    You are a great friend, and I hope your day was fabulous!
    40 is a great age to be! :wink:


  2. happy 40th you old bugger :p
  3. 40 years old eh!!!!

    time to shoot ya self in the head and end it now!!!! :rofl: :rofl:

    seriously, happy birthday for last week and hope you have had a greaty time :birthday:
  4. Happy birthday.

    Sorry we missed it... but thats probably your fault for owning a kawasaki anyway :p
  5. geeze....all the youngsters on this forum havin birthdays......

    sorry i missed yours kk........hope it was an awesome time - 40 is just the beginning

  6. Hey you... ease up on the Kawasaki jokes would ya! :LOL:

    Here Kamikaze... a birthday pressie just for you.....


    and another.....


    and another...


    and another.....


    Had enough Andrew- have I brain-washed you yet? Don't fight it- you know you want one! :wink:
  7. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.
  8. no worries - but wow - that period between 40 and 101 really went quick - does that mean that i am really 106???????? not bad for a really old chicky....hehehehe

  9. You know what I want... i just dont think i can afford it.....
  10. Yes I know what you want........ :wink:

    A ZX10 right???? :LOL: