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Happy 40th Birffdy Caz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. HB-Ani.

    Will help you celebrate in style in Bright tonight drinking34.

  2. bday4.
    Happy Birthday Caz.

    Have a great day. The only way to celebrate 40th is in STYLE
  3. Happy Birthday Caz,
    I'm sure you'll have an awesome day riding the alpine road and a great night on the booze.

    Throw one down for me
  4. Happy 40TH Caz hope ya have a great one ( PS: ) Ya must be a great person cause ya share the same birth date as me :LOL:

    (I wanna join da V "club tooooo " lol
  5. happy birthday Caz......
  6. Happy 40th birthday, Caz :grin:

    Let yourself goooooooooo and celebrate :cool: :p
  7. :birthday: Caz
    Have a fantastic day.
  8. All the best Caz

    Enjoy the day and night :beer:
  9. Happy Birthday Caz. :grin: :birthday:
  10. +1 on the hippobirdy wishes Caz :)


    ...so are you up to mischief to celebrate?? naughty.
  11. Happy Birthday Caz :birthday:
  12. hippobirdy to Caz :).
  13. bday3.

    happy birthday caz welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life

    ps. you can now come play in the pool room i hang out in [over the hills ]lol
  14. Happy Birthday Caz.

    I hope you have an awesome night!
  15. WOW the big four ohhh! Congrats Caz. Life begins @ 40 :grin:
  16. Many happy returns Caz!
    Hope you had a fan-bloody-tastic time on Saturday!
    :birthday: :dance:

  17. Well, what an awesome 40th birthday I had :grin:
    Plenty of K's clocked up, fantastic views, great company and lots of bundy!

    Thanks for all your well wishes folks,
    now it's time for life to begin :wink:

    Big thanks to all that came away on the ride, I think we should make it an annual event :idea: :) (I'll be 40 every year if this is how I get to celebrate :LOL: )
    Thanks Steve for shouting dinner and CG for brekky :cool:
    Big thanks to Micky for my head wear, helmet mowhawk and beanie....
    I definately needed the beanie at 4am :shock: in the carpark, I touched the top of it and it was damp from the cold air, but my head and ears were warm as toast.
    Alli, we'll have to have another pissup so I can christen that huge booze mug you got me :LOL:
  18. Happy birthday you old fart.
  19. Happy birthday Caz. Sounds like a great time was had , and thats terrific though not surprising at all.
  20. Holy crap, you're 40? Happy birthday, Caz! Sound like you had a brilliant time :LOL:

    ...and balloon-happy-birthday. to you too, Bob!