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Happy 34th birthday Stromer

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Try to stay warm in Hobart today :) :LOL:.

  2. :birthday: Tracey, hope you have a good one.
  3. Happy Birthday Tracey !!!!!

    What a GREAT age .. *sigh* :)
  4. hate to tell you Hornet
    I am not 32 :cry:
    I am 34

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Hornet, VCM & Pete!!!

    i went and ordered myself a birthday cake to pick up Saturday and come home to find Phil had already ordered me one :LOL:

  5. What's a couple of years between friends; most ladies I know, (wife included) are at their yummiest in their 30's :LOL:.
  6. :woot: Happy Birthday Tracey! \:D/ :beer:

    Could of banged ya out a cake at for the price of the ingredients, oh well, food for thought for next year :grin: where’s that $200 block of madagascan coverture I had lying around :LOL:
  7. Hey Rob

    you can still make one for me
    for the BBQ on Saturday!!
    and I will hold you for that offer for Cheyennes 11th Birthday in August :LOL: bet you wish you didnt offer now HUH??

  8. I gotta make one for the missus in August too... Might be able to do 2, see how we go :)
  9. So you going to make me one for Saturday???

    [-o< [-o<

    I finally abused the place where I ordered mine enough for them to give me my refund :grin:
  10. Won't have enough time before the weekend sorry guys. geesh only a day away :p
  11. thats ok when you didnt answer yesterday i figured you would pike out


    you better bring yummy sides then :wink: