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Happy 32nd Birthday to Grrrl, and Drew

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Have a great day, both of you, and best wishes from us all :) :) :).

  2. happy birthday!
  3. :birthday: Guys
    Have a great day.
  4. May this be a most awesome day for you both! :) Happy Birthday
  5. not too awewsome..got to go to work insterad of riding :(

    thanks for the wishes... Am i really that young? :p

    And best wishes to Grrrl..that untamed thrillseeker!!
  6. oh geez hornet you are in for it when lenna see that heading......happy 30th birthday sweety. :birthday:

    Oh she ever woke up this morning with a sore neck :LOL: i told her it was what happens with old age, now that she is 30 and all :LOL: then i quickly toke cover and hide :LOL:

    Happy birthday to you drew, hopefully you have a good day :grin:
  7. :dance: :birthday: :dance: Hooray for you both. Going for a ride tonight to celebrate you making it to 30 I hope Lenna :grin:
  8. Happy birthday Guys. Hope you both have an awesome day.

    Stewy I can't begin to imagine how you can top that bike as a present to Lenna, you've set yourself a major task there!
  9. :? The Netrider system says 32 :?
  10. Avagoodun you pair of clowns!
  11. :birthday: Happy Birthday to the both of you :grin: :birthday:
  12. Yay. have a great one.
  13. Tsk tsk!

    Definately 30, mate!!

    Drew isn't making any complaints, maybe at 32 you've actually made him younger?

  14. maybe its just the average between the two of ya? :p

    happy birthday both of you :)
  15. Happy birthday to both of you. Hope you both had a fantastic day.
    Cya tomorrow Lenna xox
  16. Happy Birthday Guys !!
    Have a great one

  17. no i am actually 32... Mr Hornet musta got confuserated