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Happy 30,000 Posts Hornet!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smileedude, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Not a birthday, but close enough I think.

    29,990 and counting down til the big one [MENTION=15799]hornet[/MENTION]. It better be an awesome one.

    While I disagree with a lot of them, I do have to say good work and congratulations.

    Do you get an unprecidented 6th helmet next to your name? Or will you get platinum visors?

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  2. You're too kind :).

    For those who are too young in Netrider terms to remember, I must tell what happened when I hit 5,000 posts. A thread was raised for people to theorise what the content of the 5,000th post would be.

    Among all the ideas, the best came from a guy who doesn't post here any more, who said, 'I don't know what the content will be, but I bet it will have perfect spelling and grammar'.

    I don't know if anyone else lol'd, but I did!
  3. That's remarkably reminiscent of what you said in the thread regarding you're 20000th post. Which wasn't particularly long ago.
  4. I'm not surprised; at my age I can't remember what I had for breakfast :rofl:

    Also goes to show that nothing much has happened since then!
  5. this is not meant to be taken as an insult by the way that's quite an accomplishment old boy :)

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  7. i noticed gozs birthday whent unremarked the other day
  8. it did?
    Well we have to fix that then
  9. I just spent a good minute scrolling between hornets head and that. They are even wearing exactly the same glasses.
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  10. No, you didn't notice, because I DID post as happy birthday for him, under the heading of 'gender-balanced birhday wishes', or something the like, because it was tildette's birthday the same day.....
  11. Ah well I made a separate one where I'm sure he'll notice
  12. sorry, you're wrong again, I DID post a happy birthday for Goz, under the heading of 'Gender-balanced Birthday Wishes', because it was Tildette's birthday on the same day. You should have checked the Welcome Lounge before posting, shouldn't you?
  13. I can't win, can I? :LOL:

    If I post a joint birthday wish, someone complains, if I post two separate ones on the same day I get accused of post-whoring :rofl:
  14. Case in point :p so eager to get to the big one you are repeating yourself.
  15. Congrats Hornet old chap...even rheumatoid arthritis can't keep a good man down.

    The more my hands bend into a claw the better they fit the grips ;)
  16. he hasnt made it yet he might have a heart attack before
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  17. Wait....it's coming.
  18. well i hope its worth it
  19. His spent a good 10 minutes one away.... that's a long time for hornet between posts.
  20. some one check hes ok