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Happy 22nd Birthday JP

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Now you're 22 they won't be asking for ID when you want a beer at Bombala Pub :LOL:

  2. Have a great day JP - all the best on those speedy "P's" :cool:
  3. Happy birthday mate :beer:
  4. Happy Birthday super POWAH! :moped:

  5. Happy Birthday, JP. Here's to a great day *chink*

    Oy vey...to be 22 again :cry:

    'J' is for Juggernaut - edit: oops, just saw you already had 'juggernaut' in your sig. How stoopid of me...not to mention sloooooow. Hey, at least I was on the same wavelength. What a coinicidence. Go figure. Happy Birthday :)
  6. happy birthday mate! :grin:
  7. Thanks everyone :grin: You guys are all so nice! I had a awesome day. I celebrated on Saturday, lunch with family, then dinner with friends and some drinks afterwards. Lot's of cool pressies, including a voucher to Trevor Jordan Motorcycles :grin: