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Happy 21st to Recentrider & NuXnug

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LadyYamaha, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Hope you have a truly awesome day!

  2. permit me to add my felicitations :)
  3. Happy Birthday !!!
  4. :birthday:
  5. :birthday:
  6. nux's misses took him to the snow...

    shes said she was goin to see me at uni on monday...... LIES

    btw she came back losing her voice.... guesses on how?
  7. nux - Happy Birthday, mate

    Please, no birthday details :shock:


  8. wouldnt you like to know tg lol
  9. No, really, no details :LOL:
  10. WoW...i had a thread dedicated to me ^.^ I only just found it >.<

    lmao !.... thanks for the wishes ^.^

    and will...no.... she's had no voice for awhile cause shes had the cold. Shes got it back now. Always knew these ear plugs could be used for a dual purpose :LOL: