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Happeeee Burpday To Me...Hic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User4, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Yes as you may of heard its my birthday this Thursday so I hear you all (may) have a surprise for me. (Hint hint) If no party has been arranged I'll assume you are all pitching in to get that new 2007 GSXR 1000 that I've been thinking about by Christmas. If it helps to clinch the deal I'll trade in the R6 to help. :rofl: As Im newish to this state (again) if yourselves have any suggestions for Saturday night PM me.

    P.S. 2007 GSXR 1000's dont look like this. :moped: Even though my hair-doo does!
  2. You should come to saturday night coffee in St Kilda :grin:
    Then afterward go and party somewhere in fitzroy st.
  3. You can come to my birthday party :p
  4. Just had my birthday too. Shitty time of year for it, everyone too busy and too broke to buy that new bike for you. Mine co-incided with work christmas party so had half a day off, free food and drink so not so bad really. Oh and I bought my first Bike...just for mee...
    Enjoy anyway.
  5. Well happy birthday to you all!!

    \:D/ \:D/ :birthday:

    Hoping to get to my first St Kilda coffee before the year is out.
  6. I got the best day in the whole christmas period. :evil:

    6 more sleeps!!
  7. And I thought I had a bad day for a birthday. Happy birthday to everyone who has a Christmas birthday. I hope you all get what you wish for.

    Please honey can I have a new bike too [-o< :p

  8. Caz

    Is there enough room on that 250 of yours for me and maybe others...cause coffee wont be what Im shouting...Hiccup! Happeeeee burp day to me...hic, hurpeeee burpday to me hic, hippeeee burp day to Aunt Fanny, Hopeeee burp day to meeee... or what you people will be shouting me!
  9. Happeeee birthday to Karl
  10. Ok Holster...So when/where is your birthday? Hey this is MY post for MY birthday...Happeeeee burp day to me...hic, hurpeeee burpday to me hic, hippeeee burp day to Aunt Fanny, Hopeeee burp day to meeee


  12. Happy Birthday young man.

    I left your GSXR 1000 in your driveway. It's the one with a big red bow around it.
  13. :LOL: Ant.

    Happy B'day! Age? :p

    :beer: :birthday: :beer:
  14. Age? Sorry I only read the HeraldSun, but thanks for the offer...Ive never been offered a newspaper for a birthday present.