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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. This is a martial art I am looking at getting into...

    Does anyone train in this style, or know anyone that does?

    PM me if you prefer.

  2. I know a couple of Korean guys that are right into it. You just want some more info about it and lookin for somewhere good to train or?

    May i ask what your reasons are for wanting to do Hapkido in particular?
  3. I found a reputable place to train....going to sit in on a class next week.

    I'm looking to get into something for a myriad of reasons, fitness & discipline being two of the main ones...and of course selfdefense skills are nice to have.

    In the past I've done a bit of judo, an years ago when very young some karate. I tried a TDK class once but it wasn't really my thing.

    What I like about what I've read on Hapkido is it combines a wide range of techniques into one solid style. I like the soft style approach of throws, locks and pressure points, but with kicks as well. And later weapons :grin:

    So just wanted to hear from anyone that was doing it and what they thought of it?
  4. Good for you, any martial arts is great i reckon. My mates love it and theyre pretty lethal when they need to be.

    Youll find out pretty quickly if it suits you or not the first time you go so goodluck :)

    Oh and be prepared to hear alot about the circle, the river, and the influence! My mates seem to think that everything is related to them somehow. I personally reckon theyre just nuts :p
  5. Go for it ;) Martial arts are great. I've spent some time training in Karate - have taken the last year off with a back injury, but will train again soon.

    Enjoy it ;)
  6. Hi Kurtis_Strange,

    It's an awsome martial art, seem to have pretty much the whole package, of soft and hard techniques. I did it for about 5 years when I was living in Port Macquarie before moving to Brisbane, can't seem to find a decent club or instructor up here, which really ticks me off as I was quite passionate about it.

    Here is the association I used to be a part of, on the site is a club listing.

    Goodluck, enjoy it and respect it.
  7. i know a few guys who have been involved in it and have seen it in use,
    its an excellent form of martial art , all of the pressure point control stuff ,submission and grapling techniques are good . I am a firm believer that it should be a compulsory part of any Security Licence, there would be a hell of a lot less injuries to both parties if it were
  8. Hey blue,

    Yeah I had a good chat today with the guy who runs the Melbourne branch of this organisation...however they don't have a club near me.

    But I have gotten onto IHA which seems to be very professional and they have a club near me.
  9. I feel that participating in the grappling arts trains you to make friends with the ground. In other words you learn how to fall and roll. Something that is entirely possible in the world of motorcycles.