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Hankering for something old??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Want a classic G50, AJS 7R and Benelli without the hassles of ratting round the Internet, or people's sheds? Well here's your answer.
    From the land of "everything old is new again", George Beale will build you a brand new REPLICA of one of these old bangers!!!
    Here's his home; http://www.georgebeale.co.uk/index.htm
    George Beale also was instrumental in helping many Aussies get a break, and win lots of races, in England in the 80s
    "George Beale has a reputation as a man who likes to do things properly. In the Eighties he ran, and sponsored, the largest private race team in the UK. His professionalism and eye for an opportunity helped such star names as Roger Marshall, Graeme MacGregor, the Sayle brothers and Roger Burnett on the road to factory contracts and TT wins. As is often the way in sport he made lots of friends along the way, but also ruffled a few feathers in the process. "

  2. Does he do aftermarket parts? I need a bolt-on oil leak to give my cafe racer the final British touch. I could also use a bolt-and-nut kit so I can swap my oh-so-boring metric fasteners with a mix of Whitworth, AF and BA heads that characterise the best of British autocycle design.
  3. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. hahahahaha I hear several of our more "aged" netriders are single :p
  5. Pick me! Pick me!
  6. oh that is such a cheap shot, but if you like I could change the link to something "more appropriate?????!!!!
  7. Vintage single, oversize bore, persistent leak, mismatched nuts. Refuses to start on cold mornings.
  9. Now back to the original topic (my career as a lonely hearts columnist now being in tatters)...

    RSR (http://www.rsrkitsets.com/images/bike_flag.jpg) make the sweetest British look-alike kit I've seen. Like the BSA Regal Gold SR (http://www.bsa-regal.co.uk/images/GoldSR.jpg) it is built around the SR500. Both have captured the style of the best British machines - but i give it to the RSR for its more aggresive styling.

    Much as i loved my Norton, British styling draped over Japanese reliability is hard to beat.
  10. I'd have either one of them, Mark, esp the BSA Regal, as you say, the looks of the old and the mechanicals of the new!!!
  11. love it *appluse*
  12. Chairman, you should be nominated for some sort or award, That post is absolutely the best thing I've read for months.
    Go to the top of the class.

    Vibrates excessively, body parts come loose, sloppy suspension, requires continual maintenance....it's so good.

    "persistent leak!!!" Brilliant.
  13. and oversize bore of the year award goes to...

    Was thinking about an award thread last night;
    Funniest signature
    Biggest post whore

  14. At a school I taught at years ago they had an "Awards of the Week" book that went around each Friday.

    I remember a guy I taught with got the "22 Calibre" award for small bores.
  15. We need a "classic posts" thread to preserve some of these

    This one is an absolute gem...

    You could add "loud exhaust noise" to the list...

    :LOL: :LOL: