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hangs head in shame

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. i hang my head in shame

    on melbourne cup i was on the beers at lunchtime, so where to leave the bike??? i didn't want to leave it in the multi story carpark overnight so a workmate said i could leave it at his place instead (he rides a scooter).

    after i dropped the bike off the choice for getting back to the pub was (a) long walk (b) short walk and potential long wait for a bus or (c) go pillion on his scooter

    i am sorry to say i went pillion. i kept my eyes to the floor and when we got there i jumped off quickly and put some distance between myself and the scooter in case anybody should recognise me. 8-[

    incidentally he said i was the worst pillion ever as i was trying to steer for him by leaning before he was.
  2. Ha

    Is riding pillion on a scooter worse than riding a scooter?

    As a former scooter rider I would have to say yes, but it beats walking or public transport.

    Of course if your friend was female, young and hot. I would have left a desmo on the street to ride as pillion.
  3. D) The manly option: Walk, but stop at bottle shop & gather required supplies for journey.
  4. lol dont lie, tell the truth, u got a chubby didnt u :D
  5. :rofl:

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  6. ahha........... MV had it with option D
  7. definate +1
  8. so this was the very definition of back seat driving?
  9. mabye you could have kicked the owner onto the back of the scoot ?
  10. bahahha what sort of a scoot was it ican see it now 6 foot monster on the back of a 50cc vespa
  11. biatch's biatch
  12. There is no shame in going biatch, providing you didn't enjoy it and don't make a habit of it.