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Hanging up the helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I've been riding the mountains solidly for the last 2.5 years, the only time I don't get there is when my license is suspended. I absolutely love it, I've gotten faster and faster and faster to the point where it's getting stupid. I've never had an accident but my list of driving offences is as long as my arm. Lately it seems every time I start the bike I get slammed and end up owing the SDRO a big pile of cash or worse I lose my license. I just got $400 worth of fines for a bloody accidental parking violation last week, but that's a whole other thread..

    I do love 'taking it to the the track' aswell, but the problem with taking my bike there is the lack of insurance.. there's nothing more gut wrenching than bringing your 16 grand bike home from the track in a wheel barrow. I've done a couple of TD's but I feel like if I keep at it I'm bound to push the boundaries and come off, it's happened to heaps of people that I know, it goes with the territory.

    I just got off a 3 month suspension and have got back on the bike and it just doesn't feel the same. I'm constantly overwhelmed with the fear of losing my license (which I think is warranted). Now people might chime in and say "well don't do anything wrong and you'll have nothing to worry about". That's fine and very obvious, but my answer is "not on that bike" (daytona 675). It just doesn't happen, the bike is like a little guy with red horns sitting in my ear saying thrash me thrash me, do a wheelie that'll be fun!

    Also my bike is at the age (30,000km) where it's value will start to plummet, luckily at the moment its still the current shape, which helps a lot. It's at the point where things are starting wear out and will need replacing (clutch, chain/sprockets,suspension rebuilds etc) to keep it in A1 condition. I honestly think it's time to sell it off so that I can get a reasonable return, which is what I always planned to do.

    The part of my plan that differs is the part where I don't buy another bike... I think it's a good idea to take a break from it for a while. How long I can hold out is anybody's guess. It'll give my license and my wallet a rest from the constant abuse and it will give me time to maybe do something else with my weekends for a change. The part that I'll really miss though is hanging out with all my awesome riding buddies.

    Hopefully when I do get back on a bike, I will no longer be desensitised to high speed and wheelies etc and actually have a healthy fear for stupidity again and I intend to get something that's not a sports bike, despite absolutely loving them.

    Sorry for the boring story, but I'd rather be posting this than be posting about how I wrote my bike/myself off or how I've lost my license for life etc. :nopity:

    Here's a pic of me and my faithful bike on my favourite road;

    PS: I'm still going to lurk around here and I'm sure it'll take a couple of months to sell my bike so I'm not going cold turkey hehe

  2. Sad to hear, but it might be the best thing to do. If you still want the bike experience, sort of, get a sachs madass or something similar :) or just a smaller lams bike maybe?
  3. Wish you the best of luck mate. .....

    Just one little thing though, I came back to riding after a five year break (family reasons more than financial/self control). I too thought the time away would settle the 'needs'. It's almost like I never left and now I find myself making up for lost time. Trying to get every little ounce of motorcycling pleasure whlst I can still draw breath or the kids are old enough for University ](*,)
  4. common-sense meets a screaming wallet; this is a decision which must be hard, but it's a good move.

    and at least we won't miss you from Netrider :).
  5. 675's have a tendancy to turn any calm, level headed guy/gal into a menace/hoon

    Just ask Brownny (from a ZZR 250) to Dannyboy (from a Trumpy Sprint)

    Am I right or?

    ps, had a blat on Brownnys' bike in Tassie, it was one awesome machine. Had to give it back pretty quick!!
  6. Not being a smart@rse but have you wondered how you go about losing points and racking up fines? May be a case of where, what and when? Any bike can speed and attract the cops. It's not just a Daytona thing. Possibly you may need to be a bit more circumspect in what you do and where / when and you may not have this problem.

    Although I gather the Trumpy's a drug and it makes you do things (I may be an old fart but I do understand this phenomenon) so you're taking the more cost effective option and having a breather.
  7. :( you still better sledge the retarded on this forum... I cannot do it alone!
  8. :( Buy an older 250 and use your skills to embarass a lot of the other riders while keeping the speeds below "walking home" territory :D

    Can agree with you on the suspension though.. I'm on my Red P's at the moment so any slip up is a holiday. It's quite ridiculous considering I don't think it's actually possible to do 60 up the Old Pacific Hwy on a bike... Even with just rolling on the throttle through corners will find you above 80... So far I haven't had an incident with ~100 runs though, I usually will take it easy on the heavily policed parts.

    Just out of curiosity, where do you keep getting caught? Maybe find some more isolated roads (I know a few if you want to PM me) with less police presence?
  9. Just be sensible about it. Play when you know it's sweet - find your spots and times. Play up all the time and the odds will beat you, your licence and your wallet.
  10. Wha!!? Marty, I completely understand mate, but gee, I'm saddened by this, mate. :-(
    But you gotta dance to the beat of yor drum, so whatever it is, I hope it is as fulfilling, and rewarding for ya, as riding has been mate.
    I'll send you a vid now then to keep you interested. :) (actually there are a couple there now if you had'nt noticed mate)

    I'm glad you'll be sticking around a bit longer, mate. :)

  11. That's a tough decision Marty and one only you can make. I always enjoyed riding with you and looked up to your skill level & expertise on the old pac & putty rd and held it as a benchmark of what I wanted to achieve. I can understand though that constant fines and suspensions will take their toll...and that the evil 675 prefers to be on one wheel rather than two :)

    Like raven said I hope you find a rewarding new hobby which is just as fun but a bit less expensive!! That being said remember if you change your mind there will be plenty of people here keen to ride with you...
  12. Have a go at riding dirtbikes. Plenty of tracks around to ride them, they cost bugger all compared to road so you needn't worry about insurance and they're a bloody hoot to ride. :)
  13. I told u what i thought today :D same thing i did when i was young :)

  14. still waiting for those under water vids :D
  15. LOL, you for real?? Calm before the Daytona??? hahahhaha. Ok if you say so... :angel:
  16. Oh, and to our OP, I feel exactly what ya saying.

    6 court cases in 2 years and dodged the 7th (cause I'm over here)... constantly looking over my shoulder, constantly forking out money for fines etc... constantly thinking the cops are going to come down the driveway with another summons, constantly waiting for mail from the police, vic roads or the mag's court. I know how you feel, but, **** EM.

    Yeah, its the law, but do you wake up in the morning and say; "I'm going to get on my bike today and kill someone." No? Didn't think so, goes for everyone else here. Hence I disaggree with speed and hoon laws , I ride to have fun, not to kill or hurt people ('cept taxi's).

    But, it did get to a stage where I copped a 6 monther, its small fries in comparison to what was orignally on the cards but hey, I was satisfied with that. My solution; was nicely timed. I'd been wanting to come to Europe for ages, so I timed them together (and fukd around the court system something fierce to delay my case until 3 days before my departure date = minimal time off bike). Where am I going with this? Think outside the square.

    Do you need the bike (or license) to get to work? Can you find another way? Can you ride different rides? Longer day or weekend rides that go to less pig prone areas? Can you time your wheelies better?? (I had a massive eye opener / reality check, nearly took someone out, so now I'm very selective where I do them). If your going to do this suspension, maybe use it as a prime time to travel?? Ever wanted to work in another city? I don't know, just don't bend over for these bullshit laws!! Fight the power!!

    Cya on two wheels when I tour NSW in 2012... ;)
  17. +1...
  18. It's not as bad as I make it sound, I think I've done well for the way that i ride and amount of kms that I've done. In the last 3 years I've been booked 5 times and lost my license twice once was for >30 and the other was for running out of points. In that time I've done over 60,000kms most of that recreational riding. I've been very lucky, I've been let off the hook heaps of times for serious stuff. Lately I've detected a strong zero tolerance almost hatred for bikes from the cops and media which makes me think they won't be so understanding next time and throw the book at me.

    If my bike wasn't due to be upgraded I probably wouldn't be doing this but I figure there's no harm in atleast trying to go without for a while.

    Thanks for the kind words guys, it means alot to me. I will get back out there for sure, I can't see it taking long for me to buckle and get another bike.

    Ps: I do still have a drag car in the garage which is almost ready to race so that will give me some excitement. It's not road registered so it should keep me out of trouble.
  19. Why not get a cheap heap for the track? Something you can afford to chuck into the sand trap uninsured and shrug and walk away.
  20. Hey Pat that's something that is definitely on my mind :)