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hanging rock 13/2

Discussion in 'VIC' started by in the wind, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. So whats the plan to anyone going, i wont be able to meet up with anyone as i'm coming across from Rushworth -->Heathcote -->Kyneton -->Woodend. but catching up with any one going would be great.


  2. Just got back from there actually. A nice ride to the rock followed by a bit of a climb and some exploring. Thanx to Jake for giving me a hand getting out of some of the situations I got myself into or I might still be there now :shock: I was like a big kid exploring in all those nooks and crannys :D:D:D :oops:
    Then we watched the movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock: on the big screen under the stars which was nice :)
    A cold ride home thru Macedon Ranges but it warmed up as we got to Melbourne. I love that tunnel on a cold night ;)
    Some nice cars around the area this evening so you should have a good day tomorrow :)
    Me? I have a footy rego day to run and then it will prob be a nice ride up thru the Dandenongs :D