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Hang onto your old PS2

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Sony admitted today that the new, whizz-bang PS3 will not play a heap of old PS2 games in its Asia-Pacific PAL mode, compared to 98% compatibility for the US model.

    So, hang onto the old PS2 and the old PS2 games :p

    (Or buy an X-Box 360 and make Bill even richer.....)

    {Another public relations disaster for Sony :(.}
  2. SONY: Don't worry, PS3 will be backwards compatible!

    ... and we didn't put that horrible, disgusting, sneaky, reprehensible f***ing DRM rootkit piece of sabotage software on any Asia-Pacific releases, they were US only.

    You can trust us!

    They're lucky they made a really cool stereo head-deck I bought for my truck or Sony wouldn't find a fan in me.

    /has an Xbox.
  3. remember that like the psp there will be firmware updates to enhance its backward compatibility. I mean recently they've made psp compatible with psx games.
  4. err, no there won't

  5. thanks for the tip
  6. I'm preparing the legal documents at the moment, to exchange my first born for a PS3... I'm hoping they will be finished by the launch date.

  7. I believe i hear a fat lady singing....yes yes I do.

    Commence with the shouting.