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Hang In There Girl

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Rohizle, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Level 9 Clinger.

  2. :eek:

    Not real safe, these scooters.
  3. What in God's name was that? Was she tied on?
  4. "an error occured, please try again later"

    sniff, I always arrive too late, sniff....
  5. try it again hornet, works fine for me

    i could almost hear her cries of agony
  6. YIKES :shock:

    I didn't think a scooter would be powerful enough to do that :LOL:
  7. Wow. When it comes to ridiculous driving and riding. "Only in Asia" seems to fit well.
    She must have had her hand stuck somewhere on the bike. Because that would be too painful not to let go.
    How did the rider not know she was being dragged behind ??? It's a scooter FFS and has very little righting motion and no torque.
    Only in Asia
  8. I can see it already !
    They broke up, he wants nothing else to do with her anymore, she's hanging on coz she hasn't got half of his lifetime earnings...yet :D
  9. Bretto - come and take a ride (or drive, probably smarter) through Sunnybank, mate. Things will gradually become clearer. Better yet, park at Sunnybank Plaza for an hour and watch what goes on in the carpark.
  10. My first instinct is it's a bag snatcher, and she's hanging on.

    That'd be the only reason why the guy on the scooter is still going. He's probably just thinking that she's gotta let go soon enough, and can't give a shit. He just wants to get away.

    Only explanation that seems to make sense in my mind.