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Handy to know.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jay77, Apr 6, 2011.

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    This probably isnt the first time something like this has been posted, but I thought some new riders might find it usefull.

  2. Trouble is that if mine fall over they don't stop half way.
  3. Seen a different version a while ago, always handy to know the correct technique and not throw your back out.

    That being said yesterday I dropped my bike in the work carpark when trying to put it on the center stand to check the oil level of all things!

    It fell on the left side and indicator housing on the fairing snapped (pictured), stationary dropped and bar ends got scrapped and indicator and I have a nice cut on calf but I just picked it up with no technique and just out of anger/stupidity more then anything, luckily the bike isn't too heavy as well.
  4. Not quite that way I do it, but the principals are sound.
    Do walk into it.
    Don't try to lift up - lever it.
    Think of it as a rotation, not a dead-lift.
    Use your legs, not your back.
    Don't think about how heavy it is - Think about oil + fuel + battery acid leaking away - get on with it!

    That clip is at least good for one thing - as the guy says, even a small woman can do it, on a very large and heavy bike - If she knows how and knows she can. Believe me, a full dress harley is not a light motorcycle - that's well over 300kg that small lady just lifted. Brute strength is worth 15% - technique and confidence / determination are worth 85%.

    It is amazing what the human being is capable of doing when there is no other choice.
  5. =D> ... wanted to put the thumbs up smiley, but couldn't find it :(
  6. My bike fell next to a wall, so the wall prevented me from going to the side the man started the lift, so whats the next option?
  7. Years ago Netrider ran a Learner day at the boulevarde which covered quite a few topics including picking up a fallen bike. Forester Neil loaned his ex-police BMW R1100RT/R1150RT (can't remember which) which he layed down while we had turns in picking it up. Thanks to the sticky-outy bits it doesn't go down fully flat but it still weighed in above 250kg and using the proper everyone including some new women riders lifted it.
  8. That's our very own Loz :)

    He can also be found doing bike reviews @ gizmag
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    All fun and games mate, the only time it was bad luck was the first time, because the bike was in mint condition, and it was MY bike! :p

    I think kneedragon was referring to the guy in BeLkrPkjimo[/media]]this video in the original post. :)

    FYI folks, Loz is the guy in this video.
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    Correct - I just assumed since there were no other clips posted that he was refering to the OP without reading the last part of his comment :)

    OT - Loz is the best hugger ever - you know just in case you guys needed to know
  11. A man of many talents lol :p
  12. He's awesome at the browski too! (for those not in the loop - the browski is an advanced version of a motorboat)