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Handy tip: Draggins are not waterproof

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ~DadAgain~, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. yesterday evening after I got home from work I was told that we didnt have the correct ingredients for dinner and sent out to the shops... :grin:

    Obviously I jumped at the chance for more bike time so threw on my boots and jacket (still wearing draggins) and went out. It was cloudy and threatening - but not actually raining and the shops are no more than 2km away.....

    Of course after spending a whole 2 minutes in the shops the sky had changed and the heavens had opened - it was chucking it down...

    I discovered after about 30 seconds that my Draggins have a lovely wicking effect leaving me completely soaked - and given that I needed dry pants for this morning I had to sling them in the dryer (wet draggins are bloody heavy too!)

    2 minutes riding = 2 HOURS dryer time!!!

    Next time I need to remember:
    1) Check the radar before leaving the house - and
    2) Take the 'splashy pants' !!!

    :grin: :grin:

  2. or next time, make the missus go and get the stuff in her car - clearly it's her fault for forgetting to buy the ingredients in the first place! :p
  3. My Draggin's ripped while I was wearing them at work about 3 months after buying them. Couldn't find the receipt or anything, so I was stuck with them. I need to get the rip in the knee fixed, if I can be bothered. I might just buy jeans instead.
  4. Draggins can be made waterproofed. Nikwax does the trick.

  5. Mate, all I can suggest is: since normal jeans survive in an off for about 0.6 of a second and then its "just you an' the road baby" :cry: you really need to get them repaired, OK????
    I mean c'mon....find one of them little tack shops that do hems ect,etc...throw them through the door at them one morning with the verbal to "double stitch everything".....better they do that than some surgeon does the same to you sewing your skin back on

    enuff said :wink:
  6. i have had my draggins wet it is a biatch but not that bad that it took 2 hours to dry.

    I still wear them in the rain :)

    I was told when in a crash and your sliding to try and keep from sliding in one spot on the draggins as they heat alot
  7. rofl, so roll over as you slide! Kinda like a rotisary chicken :grin:
  8. As I said. To make dragging waterproof is a very simple way.

    Use the cotton-proof Nikwax and that is it. To keep them waterproofed wash them only with the nikwax techwash and reapply cotton-proof after 5 or 6 washes.

    Works for me.