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Handy little mod I did

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I've had this little digital thermometer in the car for ages and decided to bring it over to the bike.
    I used to use it in the car for monitoring intake temps for tuning, now I have a Magna so who cares!
    Anyway, I have it set up now so the sensor is on top of the oil cooler, so I can monitor oil temps coming out of the cooler. The sensor pegs at 70 degrees c, which will not warn me of an overtemp on the oil, but it does serve to let me know when the bike really is at operating temperature, and when moving, the temp stays below 70c anyway, so if I get a spike that sends it off scale, I should probably worry!
    I bought this one ages ago from Kmart, and it has worked for like 4 years, with a new battery recently. If you were to mount it on an open sports bike, I'd probablu put it in a plastic pouch, with teh bottom open to allow moisture out. Mind you, they are pretty cheap, so you wouldn't get too cut up if it died.
    A side bonus (which is no good for me, as teh bike already has one) is you get a clock, and can also select a temperature readout from teh back of the unit, which is good for finding out just how cold it really is out there!
    Anyway, one for the nerds!


    Regards, Andrew.
  2. hey thats kinda cool

    but then, i usually reply on how cold i feel :p
  3. eswen, cold??? I thought you were HOT :LOL:
  4. I've done a similar thing with a little unit from Jaycar (i love that place!).
    It's a voltmeter, a clock, and a stopwatch all in one. It came with backlighting, but the backlighting stopped working after a few weeks. I think it may have had something to do with me washing the bike. :wink: :oops:
    It fits in nicely just underneath my instrument cluster, so atleast now i can tell the time! I've planned for a while to hook up the start stop button to the 'pass' (highbeam flasher) so i can start and stop it easily and safely.

    The other mod i just did yesterday was to fix my numberplate light. I could have simply replaced the globe that was in there, but instead went to Jaycar (again! :grin:) and was looking at LED's to replace it with. After much disgruntled mumbling over the price of LED's one of the guys remembered they had triple SMD mount LED's on a flexi strip about 4cm long. PERFECT! Installed it last night and it looks IMO very schmick. I've been getting idea's about installing them in little tiny weatherproof containers and using them as highlight lighting over the rear wheel and on the radiator/headers.
  5. i said how cold i feel not how cold i look stud :cool:
  6. Had one from Jaycar too. It used to tell you the temp on the actual unit itself and had another sensor on a lead. So attached it under a screw on the outside of the screen.
    That way I could see the wind chill factor.
    I found though if I knew how cold it was it was worse.
    So just used to use the clock :(

    Oh was water proof too