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Handy hints

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by russ, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Shamelessly stolen, from somewhere i don't know

    1. Lube the chain when it is hot
    2. check the oil level when it is cold
    3.Don't check the oil when the bike is on its sidestand
    4. Put your gloves in your helmet and your helmet will smell like your gloves
    5. Check your tyre pressures when they are cold
    6. Chain lube should be applied a little, often
    7. Chain lube will fling off - despite what the label says
    8. Wet weather gear will leak in the crotch first
    9. Better to check brake lights befroe you leave than after you've been hit
    10. be alert
    11. Anticipate. plan for the worst, hope for the best
    12. allow for the fat people will do the most stupid things.
    13. Make your own decisions
    14. when riding in groups, allow for the least experienced, he smallest bike and the shortest fuel range
    15. not everyone will nod back
    16. Cable tile a spare clutch cable to the one fitted and cover the ends with plastic - a new one is almost fitted when the old one snapes
    17. Carry a spare clutch/brake lever if you can
    18. Have enough money to phone home (or for mobiles have enough charge & credit)
    19. check which way reserve points
    20 In the wet, take a corner with less speed adn in a higher gear to use the torque of the motor.
    21. look through corners
    22. someone will always be faster
    23. smooth is good
    24. always be on the lookout for an escape route or two
    25. everyone has their own style, nobody is perfect
    26. if you change your helmet, keep the visor - it might fit the next helmet
    27. leathers shrink as you get older :LOL:
    28. Condoms can be used to carry fuel in an emergency (and don't use them afterwards :shock: )
    29. first gear is a mtorcycles handbrake
    30. old bike magazines are good for a laugh 20 years later
    31. Men are more fasion victims than woman
    32. Newspaper down the front ofthe jacket is a good insulator in the cold
    33. Mr Sheen on footpegs, seats or tyres = bad plan
    34. when you buy a new bike take lots of photos, it will never be that clean again
    35. Wear gloves, your hand will likely be the first thing that hits the ground
    36. what is "just up the road" t oa local is probably 30 minutes away
    37. if you have a nail in your tyre leave it in till you get to the shop, take it out and you will defintely have a flat
    38. earplugs on a track day are a good idea
    39. empty film canisters can be used to carry fuses valve corse and wire
    40. meh... more later
  2. I'ts always the fat people. The M.S.G goes to their brains... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Now that I'd love to see sometime! The carrying bit that is :?
  4. What! :shock:
  5. Unless of course it's meant to be checked when it's hot and/or checked when the bike's on it's sidestand (this is what owners manuals are for ;)).
  6. :LOL: oops

    but wait there's more

    40. Replace the standard tools with quality ones
    41. Assume the first aid kit you carry will be for someone else
    42. wave to kids
    43 Most motorcycle accidents occur in car parks, near hotels and with members of the opposite sex in area
    44. Don't be afraid to check the mechanics work
    45. Make sure the police car isn't directly behind you befroe you start frantically warning other riders about the radar trap ahead
    46. Police will assume you are running drugs, are riding unlicensed and on a stolen mtorcycle
    47. it will start raining 2 minutes after you decide not to stop and put on wet weather gear.
    48. If the prices of parts rise because of the world economy, why don't they drop when it gets better?
    49. space will give you time
    50. At night you should be able to stop in the distance of your headlight, if not , slow down or get a better headlamp
    51. Boots with polish are more water resistant than boots without.
    52 there may be a second radar just past the first
    53. Pillions are usually better looking that the riders
    54. Avoid second hand helmets
    55. BMW riders can get away wiht wearing brown leather jackets
    56. Don't be afraid to say you don't know something
  7. Amended for you...
  8. i quickly removed my gloves from the helmet..

    ps: how often a chain lube should be applied?
  9. hmm.. i'm not sure but i do it about once every couple of servo fill ups
  10. Every second fill up or more if its raining.

    A condom can carry fuel :wink:
  11. Great Tips There!
  12. 57. If you are on medication, tell someone in the group
    58. Your license is permission to practise alone
    59. A bulldog clip bolted to the handlebars can be used to hold toll money
    60. Levers that are not too tight may rotate in a fall instead of snap
    61. Remember when your license is due
    62. remember when your registration is due.
    63. very few police have a sense of humour
    64. here is one for netrider: avoid arguments - if you have a strong opinion about a bike keep it to yourself
    65. If you have a favourite road, keep it to yourself
    66.Handy hints that older riders use are often the ones that work
    67. Get your road position, speed and gear set BEFORE the corner.
    68. Don't panic
    69. Your eyes are great for gathering infomation, use them.
    70. When in doubt, give way, what is the point being in the right when you are also in the ambulence?
    71. you travel 17m/s at 60km/h
    72. Bikes are like people they respond better to a squeeze than a grab
    73. Small imput gives large results.
    74. If you can't negotiate a price, find someone who will
    75. in slow and out fast works well for corners
    76. Keep your eyes up and level gives better balance and a better picture of hte wold
    77. Look up side streets, assume the vehicle you hate hte most is waiting in ambush
    78. Do not upset paramedics, police, nurses, and high Court judges - they have long memories
    79. Why do smokers call riders temporary citizens
    80. Defy the critics, keep riding
    81. Your pillion should have the same protective gear that you would be prepared to wear
    82. work on technique and speed will come later. Too fast too early will lead to pain and embarrasment
    83. Make sure skill and confidence are not too far apart.
    84. fasion and function are not the same
    85. Police have heard it all before
    86. Allow for margins of error - yours and theirs
    87. in the cold and wet remember that you are having a good time