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HANDSY's 2009 675 SE

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by HANDSY, May 5, 2009.

  1. id much prefer this over the blue.

  2. makes you wonder why they put pictures of women in magazines
  3. white = new hotness
  4. modded


    nice bike
  5. didn realise the caps.
    white - the ducati 848 pearl white has to be the ultimate colour for a bike. what ever i get when i upgrade, it will be getting a coat of 848 pearl!
  6. Very nice.... send it to Trumpy as a suggestion and maybe they'll send you a free one :D
  7. Looks great mate - and here's the best part. You go buy any scratched-up secondhand 675, strip and paint it get the frame blasted and coated, and that bike right there is yours.
  8. your onto me :twisted: haha
    or even one off the floor, i can justify spending big on it!
  9. That's actually a farkin great photoshop dude. I like that way more than the blue version (which also looks the goods). Very new R1 ish.
  10. Like a cross between an R1 and 848. I like it better than the blue, but I like black/red/white schemes, even though I own a black/yellow one!