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Hands on preview of MotoGP3 for Xbox and Xbox Live

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I just rented motogp 4 for ps2.

    In my second go I managed to beat rossi.

    I ain't that good.

    I dunno, it just don't feel anywhere close to riding.

    Although for gran turismo I do have the force feedback steering wheel/pedal add on which does make it more realistic.
  2. The Xbox version is hugely different to the PS2 version. MotoGP4 has already been released for PS2, MotoGP3 isn't even out yet. Online is where it shines. You can completely customise your bikes appearance, including decals, and race it against 15 other online gamers. It wont be that easy online I promise you that.
  3. Yep I just picked up the latest copy of the offical XBOX mag so I could play the demo!

  4. i WAS gunna do that, but i figured i didn't wanna spoil the fun of playing it when it comes out. anyone know when its due for release in the US? i'll have my copy as soon as it is :twisted:

    and this one has road racing, now THATS gunna be some fun :D the last game was awesome and this one sounds/looks heaps better.

    oh yeah, i've read up on the GP titles for PS2, most reveiwers reckon its good, but a far cry from even the first Xbox one. +1 for microsoft, nyer nyer :LOL:
  5. Coco, do you have an NTSC (US) Xbox? Is anyone planning on playing this online?
  6. when chipped, it doesn't matter if its US or not. unless you've got a crappy telly that wont switch, then i spose you'd have issues :?

    i dont really play much online, but i wouldn't use live anyways, XBox Connect is free and allows whatever mods you want :D
  7. Mine is modded too, but I play a lot online so I rarely use it as I will be banned so it spends most of its time switched off. You should also check out this site for free online gaming (with or without mods):