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Hands Free earphones-microphone setup?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, May 27, 2010.

  1. I have one of those new you beaut HTC Desire smartphones. It comes with a set of earphones that don't fit into my ear. So, at present I'm using the "in ear" type".

    But they don't have the controls for answering a call or playing/pausing music which the HTC ones have.

    So, I'm browsing Ebay. Something like this seems to be fairly commonplace:


    First, I dunno if it will work with my HTC but the plug is the same. Second, I dunno how the mic bit will work under a helmet and I have to see if my phone has auto answer for handsfree operation.

    But in the meantime if anyone does have something like this what do you use for music listening and if you need to take a call while riding.

    And yes, there are questions about the wisdom of chatting while riding. So, there needs to be a way to reject an incoming call if it happens just as you're passing a truck on a blind corner over double lines doing double the speed limit while rocking and yelling to Metallica...
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  3. They look fairly flashy but for what I want, way overkill.
  4. Oooo... but it might be just what I want. That's more like it price wise than some of the others. You've used it with no dramas? What phone do you link it to?
  5. iPhone ftw :)

    it has a couple of quirks that took me a little to get used to but now it's no dramas and all good!
  6. the_blacke does it answer calls automatically while listening to music and after the cal return to the music/gps instructions thru iPhone from where it left off?
  7. Yes.

    It rings about 5 times and gives you the ability to reject the call if you want to. Otherwise music etc resumes after the call.
  8. So do you have to physically press a button to answer/reject or thru voice?
  9. I am also interested in this (especially for riding with the girlfriend).

    Would you be able to give a run down of general pros and cons?

    As above, how do you reject calls. Actually, how do you know who is calling?

    How do you find the speakers within your helmet? I have speakers in my rally helmet for our intercom and after a few hours my ears start to feel pain.

    You may have sold 3 extra units here! haha


    EDIT: sorry for Hijacking your thread mjt57!!!
  10. I will do a proper review when I get a chance, here's the overview:

    Cheap for what it is
    Comes with 2 complete units!
    Pause music / change volume / reject calls easily one handed
    Call quality is good - I've had people not realise I was on a bike
    Doesn't require permanent / damaging mods to helmet to fit
    Really is weatherproof!
    Easy pairing with phone and other unit
    Good volume range

    Bluetooth connectivity chews battery life of iPhone
    Quality of wiring seems a bit low (I've got a short in one set of headphones - tape fixed it)
    Needs phone quite close to work well
    Pausing music also appears to pause Navigon GPS instructions!
    Speaker and velcro attaching pad is almost 1cm thick. Needed careful positioning in X-11 to not be painful. With correct positioning it was fine.
    Adhesive keeping velcro pad attached to helmet / speaker isn't the best

    When a call comes in, it pauses the music and plays a little 'ringing' tune. You can hit an answer or a reject button during this time, or just wait and it will auto answer.

    Theoretically if you hold the "green" / phone button down for 2 seconds it triggers voice commands if your phone supports it. haven't seen this work, but I don't really care about it.

    Press the green button to pause / play music.

    Press the red button to switch to intercom mode. I haven't used this on the bike but I have mucked about with it around the house and it seemed to work well.
  11. Yeah, well, happens all the time.

    I'll spend the $12 and get these iPhone things. They may or may not work with the Desire.

    Mainly I needed to know how these products work with helmets, wind noise and so on.
  12. I have put headphones into my ears and also tried taking calls while on the bike and I cam across the following problems:

    NOTE: I am not using noise cancelling phones as this would stop me from hearing traffic

    -Volume needs to be up a lot as when you get motoring (80kmh +) the wind noise takes over and any quiet songs you have be listening to will be inaudible. Turning up the volume while riding is near on impossible so you need to be prepared on volume if you're about the hit some freeway. I was using an ipod for this and it suited me fine.
    - Talking through the mic, the other person knew I was on a bike (or in a wind tunnel) cause there was no noise cancellation on the mic. I was using a Sony Ericsson K850i and associated headset

    What I found easy:

    - Slipping the helmet on and keeping the earphones (mostly) in my ear
    - Answering the phone call with the push button on the cord.

    So I guess my recommendation is to check for ones with noise cancellation on the mic and easy button to press for answering calls. A nice skip button (a la the new iPhone earphones) would also be the go.