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Hands-free bluetooth for car

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V2, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. I've been using may Garmin GPS as a bluetooth handsfree for my mobile phone but the sound quality is bad. Nether me or the caller can hear clearly. Anyone got any recommendations on a clear sounding alternative? I've seen some "Blueant" products - anyone used them? Open to all options?

  2. Blueant stuff is OK, I had one about 8 years ago and it worked well. It clipped to the sun visor.

    I've never had one as good as the OEM unit in my current car though. People don't believe that I'm in a car.
  3. My wife has one that is integrated into her stereo receiver. It's an aftermarket Clarion, and runs a separate mic up to the visor. Works really well, albeit not a separate add on unit. However, if you're interested in a different stereo too, then it might be an option.
  4. Mate has an aldi one, $25 clips to your visor works a treat im just waiting for my local aldi to get some in
  5. Couldn't wait for Aldi - so got a Blueant Commute (new off ebay). Tried it out in the house and wasnt overly impressed - but in the car it works pretty well! Sounds a heap better than bluetoothing onto the GPS anyway!