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Handlebar swap for a Triumph Street Triple

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by chana74, May 15, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Does anyone know the dimensions for the handlebars on a street triple. I am trying to source one to allow for a more tucked position and to get a black one instead of the stock. Also would the swap be easy enough for someone to do over the weekend. I am pretty mechanically inclined.

  2. Thanks yeah i saw them but wanted to check the dimensions, clamp size to make sure that i do not need to modify more than i need to.
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  4. All good. :LOL: been looking on the net but must be my choice in google key words that i am not getting a hit. i ride pushies as well and basically bicycles have standard dimensions for the diameter. Was not sure if its the same deal motorcycles.
  5. so you own a street triple?

    im guessing you bought it new since theyre a pretty modern bike.

    tryed the owners manual? if that fails, try contacting a triumph dealer?

    not sure if it helps but its worth a try
  6. Yeah i was fotunate enough to not have to join the waiting list. walked in at the right time at the right place and someone's deal fellk through....

    I may just let the dealer install it when they do the 1st service.

    Stay tuned as i am getting loads of goodies from anodised bolts to sliders to pazzos.

    Will post some pics soon
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  8. thanks for the info.

    I managed to get some Rizoma risers and oversized handlebars. all going well i will get these on my bike this weekend.. failing that will get the dealer to put them on when i get my first service done..

    Thanks for the input guys.
  9. Cool, post up some pics when you're done. :)

    Oh, and where did you get them from? Got any links?
  10. I got the bike from Procycles in St Peters.

    More bits and pieces arrived.. once the crowning piece arrrives (handlebars) I will post some pics.
  11. Chek out this one bikecraft,net,au
    They are a rizzoma importer and are on the money
  12. I got my Rizoma from the american distributor.. top service, highly recommended. PJ Spares.

    If anyone is interested I am going to buy more stuff from them, PM me and we could split the shipping cost if interested..
  13. I could be up for that chana...

    Which of those bars and adapters did you end up using for your mods? Also, how involved was the install process? I notice that the stock handlebars (or at least the after market speed bars) have holes for for fitting the various instruments; do the Rizomas have the equivalent or did you have to do some drilling?

    the git
  14. I got the Over sized bars in red and black 42mm risers. No holes at all in the bars and they are a tad wider than the stock.

    I tried installing myself but access to the riser bolt is limited so decided to leave it to the professionals..

    As far as i can see all the cables for the street are external so i would not think there would be any need for drilling.. at anyrate a centre punch and a sharp bit would get through that aluminium no prob..

    i'll post some pics on my garage soon...
  15. Or get it from ebay and hopfully it will help in the demise of all the aust dealers and they will hopfully all close there doors!!! :wink:
  16. Yeah, hurray for local distributors! Go them for importing, slapping on a 'because I can' tax and flogging it off to us at twice the price (I'm thinking Pazzo levers, US$175 or AU$335). I could stomach a 25% premium (GST, smaller market, local support etc) but a 100% premium! Stuff that!!!

    Now if they MADE them here, well, then I'd be more receptive (e.g. my lovely Staintune pipe)...
  17. Yeah.. as much as i would like to support local distributors its not really justified.. besides the belly pan, flyscreen and visors, everything that i have bought are from overseas.. I paid at least an additional 500 for the local stuff (but got it all financed with my bike so spreading the payments over the period)..

    I estimate that i have saved closed to 800 for all my other purchases. The biggest savings will be for a set of cans.. 2k for Arrow slip ons vs 1200 delivered. 800 saved