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Handlebar risers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rolski, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. I thinking of buying handle bar risers(20mm) for my cb500f, do the the cables attached to the handlebar on most bikes leave enough give to raise up to 20mm?

  2. I think you would have to do your own "maths" there.

    Most bikes have a certain amount of slack to allow for extremes of turning. Look at the movement of the cables along their routes as you turn the bars all the way to lock each way. Front brake and mechanical Speedo drives are pretty much fixed, as the front fork turns with the bars. The Clutch, Wiring, Choke (if bar mounted) and Throttle most importantly need some slack in use. If they pull tight, at lock, they can be affected (e.g. the throttle might rev), and sometimes there is enough adjustment to overcome this. Beware of any fully tight cables or wires at lock either side. This should not be.

    Once I made a timber spacer (not to use to ride) just to check. Before committing to the purchase of riser blocks.

    Risers can become a can of worms where there there just isn't enough slack, and can necessitate getting cables made up. (can be more costly than the risers) My gut feeling is that 20 mm shouldn't present too many problems - but check it first
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  3. Thanks jstava, what a great idea with the timber raisers!, I'll give that a go, yeah I definently want to avoid the cost of cables mods, Just would be nice to have that tad more height, my arms feel just a bit stretched, maybe it's just a new bike to me, I'll just get use to it hopefully.
  4. Many many VFR newbies talk about risers, and some fit them to, but most get used to the riding position quickly and then couldn't imagine it being any different.... I'd guess the 500 will be the same.
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