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handlebar mirrors

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jmoore, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. am thinking of putting handlebar mirrors on my vtr250 is this illegal in NSW?

  2. In addition, they must both have the same curvature (if any).

    Circular flat mirror = minimum 50mm diameter reflective part.
    Circular convex mirror = minimum 45.3mm diameter reflective part.
  3. No worries. :)

    Like most ADRs/modification laws for bikes, the rules are pretty lax or just 'common sense'.

    My Tiger 1050's got bar-end mirrors now, the CRG "Hindsight" lanesplitters (so named because they have a machined detent which allows them to fold in/out to squeeze through narrow gaps). They're fun; helps tidy up the bars a bit and reduces some of the turbulance.

    That said; they're a lot smaller than stock (3" diameter, convex), and out in the peripheral vision so the rider needs to actually look toward them in order to observe what's going on. I can't imagine what 45mm mirrors would be like.
  4. The stock handle-bars on the VTR250 don't have removable end caps, so unless you've already sorted others, its one more thing you ought think off before you spend any money. I didn't mind the mirrors on the VTR, but admit that bar end mirrors do look f#cking ace. The only other thing is that they tend to make filtering a little more tricky, depending on which ones you get, and how high they sit. You'll find yourself 'threading' them between the mirrors of the cars.
  5. this just could be a massive generalisation, so apols in advance but just my experience thus far : )

    any time I have been random breath tested, ushered through a booze bus or had interaction with car police in Vic whilst on my bike (that has bar end mirrors), no worries. Dont bat an eye lid. However, the one time my heart sank and I thought it was curtains for my Bar End Mirrors was when I was parked at Kinglake and a motorbike cop who was conducting rbt's near by stopped what he was doing and bee lined straight for me and before even saying hello or asking for my licence etc just said "we have a problem here.... those mirrors...a real problem".... I said "oh ok, um..... oh dear..... well, my name is Greg and here is my licence to start if you like?" after him cutting a few tuff laps around the bike and asking me a million questions about why I was where I was and where I was going etc (I assume that as looting post fires was still an issue when I was there, this was the motivation for his line of questioning). I told him that I had come up to spend money in the town to support to local community (bakery, petrol etc) - all true as it works out that day, and I think he just took a 'common sense' approach to it all. After an awkward pause he seemed reasonably happy in a 'slightly grumpy - indifferent yet still friendly way' that cops be at times and he wished me well.

    If I had of given lip and or been an obstinate twat, I reckon a book could have been thrown my may for the mirrors and perhaps some less than perfect tyre grip and anything else going. So...... I cant speak for NSW, but if you come across a motorbike cop book worm who knows all the rules back the front and side ways you may be saying "Houston we have a problem!!" as you see the flashing red and blue behind you.., even if you do turn on the charm.

    that scenario and the hassle of being more magnetic to the hot fuzz VS the awesome clean look that bar end mirrors give you? You can always try them and change them back if you dont like it or if you find out that are illegal, and of course that would mean stock is the rock.

    Indulge in a squizz of my gpx250 with the Bar end mirrors if you like,


    Good luck with it all.. Greg