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webBikeWorld Handlebar End Weight Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Quick look and discussion about motorcycle handlebar end weights, featuring the Sato Racing end caps.

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  2. Unfortunately I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand when exposed to extended periods of vibration. For that reason I replaced the standard bar ends on my Honda Silverwing ( 75g each ) with some substantially heavier ones. I does not eliminate all vibrations, but it does change the frequency of it and it has helped me. Since I could not find anything suitable at the Honda dealer and the American HVMP were too expensive incl. shipping I ended up with the heavy Piaggio weights ( 495g each ) and they bolt straight on. Whilst I was browsing at the dealers I noticed that all the new Suzuki road bikes and Burgman scooters have heavy bar ends, but the Honda not. No one in sales could explain why!!!!!!
  3. Hi, How did the Piaggio weighs go?
    I'm playing with bar weights on my 06 Honda CB900F Hornet atm. I've had puppy grips on for a while now & they seem to help with vibration, but I felt I had to hold on to tight to the throttle to stop it slipping off. Could just be me, a mate has had them on for a couple of years and his seem more tacky than mine?
    I read about putting lead shot in the bars, so, I had some old suba diving pocket weights, cut it open & gave that it try, took off the puppy grips and went for a 3 hour ride. I think it helped, only a very slight buzzing in the hands when I stopped :).
    I've just purchased some new bars to try,(slightly wider & lower) & steel not alloy, as apparently alloy vibrates more and Sato Racing handlebar ends with internal weights (345gr each side). I'll fill the gap between the bar end weights with some more lead shot & see how she goes?
    I also have some new grips coming, Pro Grip 719, I like the look & from reports they reduce some vibration. You could try Pro Grips 714 as they are a "Special gel compound for maximum vibration absorption".
    I will report back I've installed the new bars. Here's hoping for a trouble free swap.....
  4. You could also use a "snake" inside the bar to add mass.
    Essentially lead shot in a long fabric bag.
    Makes a lot of difference to twins
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