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Handlebar Angle - Anyone mucked around with this?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Arik, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys. An onvbservation/ question about handlebar adjustment.

    Was looking at the 'sit up and beg' bars on the VTR250 yesterday and thought I could get away with moving them a bit to get the bars to sit lower (closer to the tank). It was very easy to loosen the clamps and rotate the bars back, then adjust the brake/clutch levers back to the correct position. I basically took the bars as low as I could go, still allowing enough clearance between the switches and tank with the steering on full lock.

    I've realised I really want clip-ons - love to hug the tank.

    It was a bit wet yesterday in melb so didn't get a full fang, but on a cruise round I was surprised the difference a 15-20 degree rotation on the bars made. Much easier to lean over the tank now as my arms no longer feel as if they are above my shoulders when I tuck down. General riding around also feels just as comfortable as before.

    Anyone else do this as part of a general 'set up' of the bike?

    Seems like one of the few things you can do to a naked bike to adjust the riding position and increase comfort

  2. Heh. I love sitting up. Gives me better forward and over-traffic vision, makes headchecks and body position changes easier, easier on the wrists and back.

    Just take care you're not restricting your leverage for turning the bars or affecting the handling.
  3. I did, Sunday a week ago. I crashed. The bars got bent. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it did change the angle!

    Seriously, yes, experiment, and be prepared for the fact that just a few mms of movement can make a big difference to how the bike feels.

    And don't make a change and ride round the block; take it out for 100 kays before you assess the impact of the change
  4. Sorry to hear about the off Hornet600!
    Loz I agree - in general I prefer to sit up - that's why I don't really feel cumfy on a sportsbike. But also like to be able to tuck down and avoid wind at speed without feeling like I' 'lifting' my arms to reach the grips. The change in position of the bars isn't that big with the rotation trick, I don't think it's enough to reduce leverage, but after 20 ks feels better. I will get out for a decent ride as soon as the weather improves and take an allen key for adjustments.
    If anyone is interested in this...
    Check out this site - how to for rotating bars, replacing the bar riser, and even reversing stock bars for a ghetto clip-on effect.

  5. You could always leave the bars exactly as they are and invest instead in a small fairing to keep the wind off your chest.......
  6. Yo Arik, I ride a vtr250 and have been looking at the same kinda thing. What year is your bike? I have noticed that the pre 2003 vtrs have lower bars stock and I was looking around for a set of them. But given your (so far) successful experiment I might give my bars a little rotate and see how it goes. You can convert to clip ons, Check out here http://www.ebbot.net/ducati/m900crsp/ but it may be too leaned over, and you coulda just bought a sportsbike...
  7. Hornet600 Wrote...
    Hornet600: Already have the small fairing, and that makes a surprising difference, but still prefer not to be reaching 'up' for the bars when I'm doing long trips tucking in.
  8. G'day did the same thing lowered the bars a bit on my bike, similair set up to yours.

    Felt great for first few kays but after a longish ride felt same pain in my elbows, so put them half way between and now feels great.

    So hornet's advice is good, try it and go for a long ride, any excuse ey? :grin:
  9. Jbot wrote
    Hey JBot. Mines a 05. Never noticed the older VTRs had lower bars!
    Vic Motorcycle wreckers in Northcote has a few older wrecked VTR's you might want to try. I much prefer the nakedbike's peg position and general ergonomics to the sportsbike, but long trips I find uncomfortable.

  10. Northcote eh? Sweet, thanks for the tip, I tried a couple other places and they didn't have any. Couldn't agree more 'bout the riding position on the vtr, just needs to be that little bit lower in the bars, but not put you into the 'mobile sodomy' sportsbike position :LOL:

    My vtr is an '03, thats the year they got the tacho and the higher bars, the old one's only got about half the rise.
  11. Jbot - I lied, VMW is not in northcote

    Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers: 52-54 Mologa Road Heidelberg West VIC 3081

    Let me know if you find some flatter bars!
  12. I don't know exactly how the bars are mounted on your bike, but be careful about altering the angle to bring the bar end-weights inwards and to the rear. Make sure that you have both bars in exactly the same position. Unless you have a steering damper, (and sometimes even then), you could find the bars oscillating if the front goes light under acceleration,( say over a crest), and end up with a Dogawful tankslapper. If you have never experienced one of these trust me, you really really don't want to.
  13. incitatus - VTR's have one handlebar, but thanks for the concern
  14. Couldn't you just fit some motocross bars? They come in different bends.
  15. Ok, should be fine then. Generally if you are bringing the bars back but not changing the effective width, as in your case, it should add to stability by bringing the bar weights further behind the axle and increasing leverage. If you fit clip-on's as you suggest, they will probably bring the effective position closer to the axle, decreasing leverage and therefore dynamic stability.
  16. I reckon I prolly could, been meaning to go have a look at some aftermarket bars just to see what was around. Then again, my restrictions are up in around 6 months so i'm kinda not wanting to spend any money modding the vtr, just keep her serviced and running sweet. Every dollar I spend on the vtr is a dollar that i can't spend buying a monster.
  17. OutbreakMonkey wrote:

    Jbot - I'm with you, I'm not keen to spend much more on mods. My VTR was pretty cheap with 780ks, so I 'legitimised' the staintune, windscreen, A/M indicators as reasonable 'underbudget' spends.

    Now if only I could decide on the VTR's replacement.
    Big VTR?
    Speed Triple?

    Arrrrrgggh, buying a twofiddy was so easy![/quote]