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Handle Bar Upgrades

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Cayne, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hey people, how are we all?
    I want to put some higher bars on my 09 XVS650 Custom.
    There are plenty of bars and apes etc on zpower and the like, but the ones I want are not listed anywhere under my bike's catagory.
    My bike has one inch bars despite being a metric cruiser. I assume it was designed like this to make it easier to buy upgrades which were made for harley's etc.

    The ones I have been looking at are 1" at the bottom where you put the brackets on and 1" at the ends so it will accept standard controls, the bars are about 1/4" thicker all over everywhere else.

    Being pretty new to upgrades etc, I am a little worried that I might not have enough room for my grips and switches etc let alone enough room to connect it to the bike itself.

    Anyone got any pointers or ideas? I am pretty sure the bars (made for harleys I assume) will fit, but I just want to know if its a done thing (putting bars made for harleys on metric cruisers.)

    Anyway, cheers for any help, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Make sure to also buy extended cables for clutch, brake etc, and to ensure that the elect (switchgear) controls have enough play in the loom to reach to the new bars.

    Plenty of people have fitted the bars to find they have to wait weeks for the addnl bits to let them use the bars!

    So much easier when everything is ready.
  3. Thanks mate, I already have thought about the clutch and break cable, but cheers for reminding me to check the loom play :grin:
  4. Hello Cayne ... any 1 inch style bar will fit .. most switch housings and grips are standard lengths so the bar ends wont be a problem ..

    You will most likley need to buy new grips as the current Left grip will possibly be glued on and removing it without destroying it can be difficult.. The Throtle grip will be glued to the throttle Boss tube which allows it to rotate .. most new grips will come with a new Boss so no problem there

    things to look out for with the fatty type bar is the length of the 1 inch diam section where it fits your risers or brackets .. make sure its wide enough.. also the fat bars allow for internal wiring, they have holes near the top and a hole in the bottom usually between your risers .. running your wires internally looks great but it will require extending them which means purchasing colour coded wires and stagger soldering them in ..

    Dont rush into purchasing untill you have done a search on Google "Fitting Ape Hangers" theres plenty of info to be found ...

    I fitted 12.5 inch apes on 3 inch risers to my Kawasaki VN800 .. original bars were about 8 inch rise on 1 inch mounts so I'm about 6.5inches over stock.. I went with 6+ cables and Brake line which fitted without any trouble. Left my wiring external and its Just .. I repeat Just, long enough with a bit of re routing ..

    you can see the bike here


    Good luck with it .. you wont be disappointed IMO
  5. Thanks for the info mate, helps heaps :)
    I have been slowly buying new parts to put on my bike and doing my research (hence making this post here) I figure rather than getting used to riding with one part at a time I am just going to install everything I have bought all at once and get used to riding with it all at the same time.

    New grips, levers, Bars, Heat demons elements for the grips, 4" forward control extension and a few other random parts which wont affect the feel of riding.

    Thanks once again for you help mate :cool:

    Anyone else done this too that would like to share some info?
  6. You might want to join this forum as it specifically focusses on Yamahas and has its own section for our 650 cruisers:


    They have some very knowledgeable people on there who ride the same bikes we do.

    A lot of the parts you need will probably be available in the US. They will be able to tell you where to get them from.

    Two more ideas for you.

    Add a little handlebar or stem nut clock. Especially here in NSW with all the school zones, these things are great.

    Add the seritec mod (look it up on the Yamaha forum), this will allow you to manipulate the clutch engagement a bit more towards the handlebars instead of all the way at the end of the lever.
  7. Thanks heaps mate, ill check it out for sure :grin:
  8. put some 18" hangers on mine:

    DIY'd the wiring extension (considered hiding wires, but maybe next set of bars i get)
    Cables were made up by general auto cables in liverpool NSW (approx $65 per cable, 2xthrottle, 1xchoke, 1xclutch).
    About $50 for the new brake line.
    All in all it probably was about 5 hours work from parts off to parts on.

    Oh, and my hands ARE above my heart, and NO, don't get any pain / coldness / stiffness in either arm even after 2 hours of riding.
  9. Nice mate, looks awesome! I bet its comfortable too.
    Its good to know you don't get any numbness or pain after long hours riding. Mine are only going to be 12" so I should be absolutely fine.

    Thanks for the info mate :cool:
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