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handle bar turns in when taking a corner?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. ok ive noticed that my handle bar seems to turn inwards when i am taking a corner. eg, if i go for a left corner, my handle bar goes inwards towards the tank.

    ive only noticed this recently and it might be my tyres coz they have done approx 7500kms (gpr70s).
    when i go slow, i notice it more but usually more on my left.

    i now have to push forward harder when i take a corner otherwise i get a wooble when going hard into a corner.

    anyone else have this problem? is it just me or the tyre is wearing out.
  2. Check your tyre pressures. Pressures may be too low.

    Alternately your tyre profiles are shagged and you need new tyres.
  3. i still have lots of tread on the front. rear have abour 70% left.
    ill check tyre pressure later
  4. Your front tyre is buggered.

    My ZX6 was doing this badly when I got it, cant believe the guy had been riding it like that and thought it was normal :shock:

    Pressure up to 38 made it better, but tyre was squared off so was still doing it.
    New tyre, like a new bike :grin:

    Check those pressures and/or replace that front asap, its dangerous.

    Also check the wheel alignment, but it would have to be really far out.
    And I asume it didnt do this before and you havnt dropped it?
  5. my wheel alignment is fine and i havent dropped it. been fine for the last 6 months and just started 2 wks ago. the front doesnt look squared but u might be right about the pressure. i usually leave it at 32psi front n back.

    rear starting to square abit though.
  6. I had exactly this problem with my bike.

    It was the stearing head bearing. When this bearing wears, the steering goes loose. So when you lean into a corner, the handlebar feels like it is swinging in.

    Sounds like you have some repair expenses coming up. A worn bearing may cause all sorts of problems if you are pushing things a little too hard, or if you have to stop in a hurry, or if you hit a rit in the road....
  7. I have to agree with John, it sounds like steering head 'slop' rather than tyres, which, as you say, seem OK.
  8. Inflate your rear tyre as well
    many times some steering problems stem from rear suspension/ tyre issues.
  9. i dunno about the steering head bearing being the problem because i was told they last up to around 25,000km to 50,000kms but ill get it checked out by a professional. btw my bike has only done 9000kms.

    i just checked my tyre pressure and the rear was 30 (usually 32 front and rear) and the front was only 29. i went to BP and pumped it up to 32 front and rear. bike feels alot better now and when going slow into a corner upright, it does not seem to do it anymore. i just need to go fast and hard into a corner now to see if it does it again.

    thanks for your help guys. ill keep you all updated tmw. hopefully i dont wooble and stack it when trying to see if the problem is gone. haha
  10. ok i took the bike into peter stevens motorcycle shop to get the problem inspected. they said they were 100% sure it was not the steering head bearing.
    they had a look at my front tyre and that was the problem. the front tyre was not level all around. my left side was abit less than my front (not level like the right hand side) and he said it causes my bike to wooble when going in hard. i couldnt believe it myself until i touched it. i need to get a new front tyre so gonna get it changed in a few wks when i do my rears.
  11. One question -how the hell do you get 7500km's out of GPR70's? :shock: :shock:
  12. i dunno to tell you the truth. the rear is just starting to flatten out too. i guess keeping tyre pressure up and always safe riding is the key. i usually go up in the twisties once or twice a week too to try and keep the tyres nice and round.

    i think my next set of tyres are going to be gpr80s. apparently they just as grippy but can get another 2000kms out of them
  13. You dont, as the tyre being stuffed demonstrates :p
  14. Just a suggestion -I don't think you will find the GPR80's are available any more. I would try the GPR100 replacement if I were you. I have run about 3 sets on my 400 & had an excellent run out of them. Anything softer on the front only gets me around 3000kms where the 100 gets about what you are getting. They take a little bit to warm up but when warm will stick really well. Here is the front off mine after about 400kms of spirited "touring" :LOL: :LOL:
    A word of warning -watch them when they wear down in the wet. I tend to wear the sides off them first & you will get a bit of a wakeup if you push it a bit :shock:

    PS plenty of grip when dry -enough to scrape fairings & side stands & exhausts on my VFR400R :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Yeah that's been happening to me lately as well - I thought it was tyre pressures for a while too but then I had a good look at m front Diablo Strada (13000k on it) and it's getting pretty rooted, so I think I'd best get it replaced.
  16. Tyres-worn,maybe feather edged
    Wheel-unbalanced,thrown a counter weight
    Tube-bubble from wear etc
    Tyre-wrong air pressure
    Bearings-worn front bearings,shaft,loose hubs
    Headstock-loose or not adjusted or dampenned correctly
    Forks-seals worn etc
    Forks-weak or broken spring
    Forks-low air pressure or fluid level or drain plug or caps etc loose or leaky
    Triple clamps-loose
    Wheel-bent or buckled
    Wheel-loose spokes
    That will do for starters,sure to be other things you can check
  17. Just a thought

    Front brake-missing or broken anti squeal shim/s,warped or uneven wear on disc,loose pad contacting disc when the corner throws the pad out through inertia or gravity,rock or foreign substance caught in brake setup,loose retaining/anchor studs allowing disc to become eccentric,pinching of flexible brake line,leaving finger on front brake lever and actuating it while operating throttle.
    Swing arm-worn bushes,loose or worn pivot
    Rear feedback-backing off a little too much through a corner or decelerating forcing the inertia through rear shock up frame to headstock,this is mainly a 4 stroke prob,open the throttle slightly or pick 1 gear higher and see what happens

    Loose pivot pins on suspension causing lateral line deviation
    Rear wheel-deviated lateral line setup,rear wheel is not straight to frame and front,will cause crabbing,drifting favours one direction,skids same direction when rear locked
    Equalising tube on tank blocked,causing one side to be full while other side is empty
    Bent or fractured frame
    Not enough drive to adequately push and work steering geometry