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handle bar off center problems

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bn600, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Hi all, here is a question for you, its 2 part.

    If your bike handle bars were not dead center in the clamps, would it be much of a problem?

    If the answer is yes, what kind of problems would it course?

    At slow turn / U-turn, 60 kph, 100 kph +

    Thanks for your feed back.
  2. My KLR had mangled handlebars from a lot of crashing. Never caused a problem.
  3. depends on which of your arms is longer :D
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  4. Under hard breaking it may cause some unbalance in steering. I guess would depend on how far off center they are and how much pressure you apply to the bars versus the tank.
  5. Mine are bent about half an inch out, I don't notice it at all riding. Pissant stuff like this is easily compensated for subconsciously.
  6. why do you ask?
  7. As long has it's only slightly out I reckon you'd get used to it. My sons KLR was like that - he never noticed but I did when I rode it.
  8. Why do I ask well, riding along in a straight line i look down at Speedo and notice that

    hands were not in a line right one was closer to me, didn’t feel odd just look odd.

    With bars turn to the right as in just turn to the right, from a stand still, giving it a bit of power to take off the bars seem to want to drop to full lock. It has not done this on other bikes I have had.
  9. OK, that's a different problem. I'd be checking the aligment of the front forks and their setup in the tripple clamps.
  10. Yes I was wondering if it had been put together ok in the 1st place but then you would think that it would have been pick up at the detail /test ride before I pick it up.

    I am trying to find out if it is a problem with the bike or me.

    The story…

    A new bike couple weeks old, at very low speed as in just take off or parking turning right the bike wants to drop to full lock. I thought that it was that I was not use to the weight, which is a possibility. What I am finding hard to understand is how quick it wants to go to full lock and then fall over.

    Which it did the other day. Now bear in mind I no that it was not the best thing to do but out in the country side for a ride going up hill decided to stop and do a u-turn. There was enough gravel on the side of the ride to park a big truck so I had room to pull in and have the bike facing across the 2 lanes, just as I got to the road turned the bars just a very little bit so wheel was not facing across the road and the guard rail. Was stop at this time gave it some power to move of pick up feet and in that time bars had move and drop to full lock. Not even time to give it some power to try and pull it out of it, it was on the ground. Damage, oil / petrol leak out, bent foot pad and brake, chrome around light dented, waiting for swann to get it fixed in holding yard at moment. The bike is a Triumph Thunderbird LT a cruiser not shore if with the fat wheel on the front it handles different. Of course it just could be me.
  11. sure you're not sitting askew on the seat?
  12. no but will have a look at that just the same.....
  13. what was old bike?
    what's the difference in rake and trail of the forks? (2014 triumph Tbird is 32° / 150mm)
    does it do the same turning left as well as right?
    is it just the way the new bike handles?

    put bike on rear/centre stand, set the front wheel dead straight (strings, or bits of wood either side of front wheel, aligned to back wheel) with front wheel straight, are the bars equal? bent up or down or pushed to one side?

    is the back wheel straight or pointing to one side and crabbing?
    is it bent?
    et cetc
  14. Old bike was a Bennelli 600.
    Yes will be doing all that when get it back, at the moment it is a wait on Swann to see what they are going to do
  15. Benelli 600 rake = 24deg, trail = 96mm

    I guess you'd expect the Triumph to have much more (sudden and heavier) "flop"?
  16. Loosen triple clamps. Bounce. Tighten tripe clamps.
  17. cruiser type front geometry tends to flop over. that's the nature of the beast, that testers never comment about.

    Is it doing the same both sides? Re-reading your posts, I'm not sure what the problem is now.
  18. Hi.

    It seems to be more on the right side, BUT, back out shed, turn right, straight 8mts, turn right through carport, down drive way most times turn right into town, when parking again it is turn right as drive to curb turn right to centre roll back to park.

    When I get the bike back I will be doing a few right turns to see if it is the same, I will also put bars on full lock L & R and measure end distance from tank.

    Never had a bike with a 16” wheel or that fat as you say it might be the nature of the beast but other people do not seem to have the same trouble on them ie: HD road king / indian /Honda gold wing.