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Handle bar mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ol9fingers, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm hunting for a solution to my handle bar 'rise and back sweep' issue on the RF900 '94. All the suggestions online are outdated. Helibars no longer manufacture for this model. I'm in Melbourne and I'd rather not dop 1/2 a gorilla if I can avoid it.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. are you after a flatter bar? i have a like new set of silver renthal flat bars if you're interested..
  3. As Jez79 said not sure what outcome you're trying to achieve but if you're considering Helibars than take a look at variobars. They provide the same sort of up, down, forward and back adjustability that helibars provide.
    They are (were) distributed in Melbourne by Melbourne Motorcycle Performance Centre
    Appears IMS are now the sole distributor
    Here is a review on the clipons mod I did to my bike
    Couldn't make up my mind on which bar to get so rode my bike there undid the bars and tried on a whole heap of lsl and gt bars before going with the ones I did.
  4. G'day,

    I received my Speigler top clamp and tried some renthal bars but the pullback wasn't enough. I'm after a straight up seating position. Any suggestions on who stocks handlebars would be great. Also, I need new brake and clutch lines. Any one in Vic do them, or is hel lines the only choice.


  5. There's a decent choice of 'bar makers about, so I'd be scouring for more info online. Also, don't rule out the cruiser, tourer and ADV bike accessory catalogues. M.C.S. has some bars that are well priced, so their online catalogue is worth a look for starters - http://mcsonline.com.au/index

    Note that someone seems to have hacked the site so that you get redirected. Going back a page and trying again got me to the handlebar section in the link. There looks to be at least two or three candidates that might do the job.

    There should be something suitable (or more suitable), but given that the the RF has a fair reach forward, you might struggle to find something that gets you all the way to what you're after without flexing.
  6. Thanks Wayned,

    I'll check out you suggestions.