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Handle bar mitts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MZ, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Just got myself a pair to try out this winter as they were cheaper than winter gloves and I don`t realy like winter gloves
    Used them last night comming home from work at midnight and the temp was about 3/4 degrees and have to say they worked great resonably easy to use and warm hands as well . :grin:
    Overall $20 well spent and I can swap from bike to bike .
    The only down side is that they look so dam ugly :oops:

  2. The only reason I haven't used these is that I was told that wind pressure might affect throttle control, or even inadvertently apply front brake. Did you (or anyone else) experience this at all?
  3. Titus, that happened to me. Warped a front rotor. Doh.
    One solution was to install KTM Bark Busters.
    Worked a treat.
  4. :eek:
    You use Bark Busters on a Ducati? :? :shock:
    Don't they look terrible? :oops:
  5. That'd be G with the Ducati, not me!
    And let's face it, I didn't buy a speed Triple because of it's pretty face :LOL:
  6. This season I trialling heated hand grips without the Barkbusters. A slightly more minimalist approach. Seemed to have worked thus far. But, I don't think I've experienced Melbourne at it's coldest as yet.
  7. I thought about getting hippo hands... haven't done so yet. They'd only eliminate the windchill factor as best as I can tell... which is a good thing... but if it's cold, I'd imagine your hands will still be cold.

    The heated grip / hippo hands double would probably be ideal for winter... reduced wind AND a heating source...

    On the topic of heated grips, they've actually cost me a lot more than the $100 and the personal install time... See, I almost don't give a rats now how cold it is, so I've been riding A LOT more in these brisk 2degC no rain nights... more than I would have in the past... I put that down to the grips, so the grips have cost me plenty in fuel!! LOL. And thankfully so :)
  8. I have only used them at speeds of about 90 to 100 ks and I have`t noticed any unwanted application of the front brake .
    I have had no affect on the throttle . The only think is it`s a bit hard to get your hand back into them (when on the move) if you need to adjust your visor