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Hand written rego

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. The VIN number thread got me thinking...

    Is a hand written rego sticker legal?

    My rego sticker states: Paid at Sumoto 27/08/2005 EXP 27/08/2006... THATS ALL!!! It’s all been hand written... It’s got me wondering! I have rung VicRoads and asked if it was registered and owned by the person that I bought it off... It all checked out OK.

    Here is a pic. [IMG:772:609:bd7dd24587]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v622/aussieguy/regosticker.jpg[/img:bd7dd24587]
  2. hey i have the same problem
    i think if there was a problem the police will have the records anyways
    cause as they drive behind u they type up you rego...
    if its been paid they will just move along there way...
    if not they will pull u over...
    thats what i have been told
  3. It is normal for the first year of registration (or re-registration) if the registration is organised by a dealer.

    When we brought both our new cages they had hand written stickers initially. I believe licensed car/bike dealers are allocated registrations in bulk, for them to allocate to vehicles as they are sold. Not many places are going to bother to type them out except for perhaps some high end/prestige car dealerships.

    Once the rego is renewed they become typed as VicRoads type out their stickers.
  4. yep spot on .. when you buy a new car or bike generally hand written. so if its a used vehicle that means it most likely has been reregistered..
  5. i work for a rental company, we buy 20-50 cars at a time.. every couple months as thet get to 8-12 months old we sell em off.. and most our cars have hand written regos when first from the dealer or the factorys.

    its legal.. funny enuff most our cars have VIC rego.. and we are in SA... somthing bout vic rego being cheaper than SA.. and when u own 600+ cars... a few $$$ per car adds up ;)