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hand up if you hate nsw.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thestig, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. So hypothetically,

    What would happen if someone were to move to another state, say QLD, and decide that they needed a method of transport, applied for a motorbike license, but then decided that they thought Brissy was a bit too hot for their liking and came back on their fulls?
  2. You would transfer the license across to nsw, simple.
  3. Pretty much what you're thinking, thestig, is what would happen. Given the extension of the Provisional period to 3 years, I even think you should do it.
  4. Oh....

    I see what you are doing there.

    I would probably do it, if I could move up there easily for a bit.
  5. Just for interest, what makes you eligible for a license in a state? Do you have to prove that you live there? For instance, one couldn't just move in with a relative for a month and go and get a license?
  6. [​IMG]

    Sorry haven't gone through the posts, just keen on saying I hate NSW regardless.
  7. me mee!!...i hate NSW too!...man what a shithole!
  8. So if one was hypothetically on their Ls and due to get their reds any time they can fit it in.. which state would be hypothetically the best to move to?
  9. Western Australia
  10. Why's that?
  11. I answered your question didn't I?
    You asked which state is the best for your needs I answered, what else is there?
  12. But as in what is it about the regulations that makes it the best one?
  13. Lots of places to hide? :p
  14. As in which state has the most lenient license regulations i.e not 3 years of freakin Ps..
  15. They hate everyone.
  16. Western Australia, you have to move there, you must! It's your only chance!
  17. You really are living up to your monicker recently Smee :LOL: