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Hand Signals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I've got Saturday Night Fever but need to keep one hand on the bars.

  2. Cops are on a speed trap so keep the speed down

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  3. Obstacle on the road

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  4. Your right indicator is on

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  1. I gave a signal to a group of 8 BMW GS riders yesterday. A couple of guys nodded in acknowledgement but a couple just looked at me as if they had no idea what I was on about.

  2. I'd think it was maybe obstacle on the road but I'd slow down check everything and be careful for a little bit anyway. Mind u I'm a newbie so still working out everyones signals...

    BTW... in case I meet you pointing to the ground coming the other way one day...what did it mean?
  3. No idea .... maybe you were stretching your finger?
    I assume you're using your right hand, the one you need for your throttle?
  4. straight at the ground would mean obstacles on the road. if you pointed to the side of your bike, id possibly look at my indicators. the signals for cops is either moving hand up and dwn like patting a dog.. ie slow down, or 1 finger up moving it round in circles like th sirens..
  5. I'd think some dead animal was hanging off my bike and you're expecting me to clean it off.

    Sorry, no idea what that means.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    The worse is when a newby rider 'waves' hello to you with his hand up in the air. More often than not it's not quite clear what his hand is doing ... is he saying hello? Is there police up ahead? ](*,)
  9. If its their right hand, maybe they are just bragging about having a cruise control :)
  10. crap on the ground dead roo ect
  11. So there you go. We've weeded out the 6% of John Travolta fans on netrider!

    Maybe it was just GS riders who didn't feel obliged to acknowledge a signal from a bloke on V-Strom. In this case it was a f'ken huge roo splattered all over the road covering almost their entire lane just after a crest.
  12. They might be flippin you the bird, but have a stiff elbow...
  13. When out on a ride with mates it's right foot out to acknowledge obstacles.
    Right hand down in a small up and down patting motion usually means slow down cops about.
  14. I would assume you were warning of cops. Personally, I use the twirling finger because it's a bit more obvious. :)
  15. ^and you're fabulous!
  16. ...sure is!