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Hand Signals: Comfort Stop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulioxd, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I was signaled this morning and had no idea what it meant. After some research it was the hand signal for "Comfort stop" though I still have no idea what it meant. Can anyone help?

    Paul :)
  2. Maybe you could describe what the signal was.
  3. It was this signal :)
  4. It means the rider signalling needed a piss break.
  5. Oh awesome!
    I was just trailing him as he went the same way I went towards work. It was so unexpected!!

    Thanks Dark Angel :)
  6. This could be the start of a great dance routine.
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  7. Wonder why a stranger would feel the need to indicate they were stopping for a pee?
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  8. Maybe "turn signal on" ??

    Why would someone signal a "comfort stop" if not in a group ride?
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  9. maybe he was hoping for some company o_O
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  10. Haha gives a whole new meaning to that sign, jerking your fist up and down...well maybe not.
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  11. Yeah any chance you had left your indicators on?
  12. Don't think I've seen ANY of those before. Maybe the slow down one.....
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  13. i'm with Hawklord. If you werent with the dude, then I reckon you left your indicator on, and they were signalling to you.
  14. Only seen the finger in the air in circles for police not the helmet tap?
  15. Nope! It was definitely this signal, I thought it was 'follow me' since I was in another lane at the time. Like he gave me the nod of approval as I did but I did have a little trouble keeping up since I only have a 150cc bike (Yamaha R15)

    My signals weren't on, maybe I'll bump into him tomorrow on my way to work and I'll ask if I get a chance.
  16. With gloves on, most of those signals would all look the same.
  17. Creepy! Like stranger danger for motorcyclists...did he wave a bag of lollies as well?
    Looks like a boy kinda sign to me...if a guy indicated like that to me I would show him the bird !! :)
  18. Getting fussy now are we :)
  19. Is that what the young people call it these days :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  20. it a similar sign that I give to other drivers after they have cut me off etc in traffic (whether I'm on the bike or in my car) but usually my elbow is bent :D
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