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Hand protection for winter

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ursus, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Winter is still far, but I want to prepare in advance. The thing that bothers me most when riding in the cold is freezing hands. So... Heated grips is the first thing on the list. Second, I am thinking about muffs or - not sure what it's called - a muff that covers both sides of the handlebar. Or bark busters. I ride Ninja1000, which has a particular configuration of the handlebars, so my choices are limited somewhat.

    Would like to hear the opinions of those who modified their bikes for this purpose.
  2. I love a muff for keeping my hands warm
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  3. ^bahahahahaha
  4. heated grips are the go. I've kept away from muffs as apparently the wind can push them against your lever. (why does that sound odd).
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  5. Doesn't the outside of the hand become cold?
  6. not unless its really cold. I wear glove liners that seem to spread the heat around a bit. thumbs can get chilly!

    could start with the grips then add stuff if you need it. one day someone will design gloves for heated grips.

    PS I've heard heated gloves are good.
  7. I think your cheapest option is glove liners. See your nearest ski shop or hardcore outdoor store for these.
  8. I just go the ski glove option.
  9. Depends on exactly what you mean, but some companies already do mKe gloves designed for heated grips.
  10. can you let me know who?
  11. I tried Poly & merino glove liners with winter gloves but didn't notice any difference. Then fitted Bark busters (the model that goes in the bar ends) which were enough to keep the direct wind off the back of the hands.

    Might try and find some better winter gloves next season.

    In Melbourne so only gets a few degrees below zero.
  12. Heated grips are a revelation! Awesome for winter riding.

    If you're on a naked bike, bark buster will add wind protection to the backs of your hands and would help, wouldn't look too bad either.

    It's nice not having to wear really heavy (bulky) gloves in winter.
  13. Bulk is an issue I had with the liners too. Was like trying to ride with oven mits.
  14. but wind chill can easily knock 10 degrees off that.

    heated hand grips cost about the same as good gloves
  15. Certainly does. My finger tips went white a few times.

    Like the concept of heated something (gloves too) but useless alternator on my bike can't handle two 35W globes at idle so I'd need a low volts drop out relay.

  16. That's where the BarkBusters or similar would be a good option to add with heated grips, take off the windchill, make the heated grips more effective.
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  18. I damaged my middle and ring fingers on my right hand (and I'm right handed) in a work accident not quite 5yrs ago and every winter since I struggled with the cold in that hand . Tried thermal inner gloves , bought 3 different pairs of (expensive) winter gloves - didn't make any difference . Put the new Oxford 5- heat-level grips on in August '13 , problem solved .
    Do agree that putting bark busters or similar on as well would be the total solution as that then pretty much eliminates the cold hitting the outside of your hands with the heated grips warming the underside .
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  19. Yesterday my fingers were aching when I got to work so I decided to do something about it. I want something simple that doesn't involve bike mods because I might sell soon. So I purchased some of these yesterday, and amazingly they arrived this morning (less than 24 hours later!). I think they should be a good addition and make my gloves last longer because they will stay dry. They have a nifty single handed draw cord that is pretty clever too.