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Hand or other Signals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hardhat, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Other than the usual traffic signals and the obligatory one and two finger “salutes” for spectacular driving by other competent drivers these are the ones I know, any more?

    Just dropping the left hand out to the side is saying “Hi”

    Nodding is acknowledging the other rider.

    Taking the left hand and putting your palm toward the ground and pumping your hand up and down is a single to slow down. Signal used to warn bikers of danger ahead like road hazards.

    Taking your left hand and patting your helmet on top is saying there are cops or alternately circulating one raised finger.
    Clicking one finger in front of face (like taking a pic) = Speed camera ahead.

    If a rider ahead of you holds up 1 finger over his head, he's suggesting single file.

    Any more?
    Helmet on the ground beside the front wheel, or helmet a car length behind the bikes rear wheel on the side of the road means you've broken down and could use a hand.

    Gravel in the pocket to “signal you are following to closely”.... (not recommended)

    Left hand thumb and pinky out, index, middle, and ring fingers folded against your palm, twisting side to side = "Lets stop and get a drink"

    The only other hand signal i know of it the same for double file (or staggered at higher speeds) but you raise the two fingers and twist your hand for change possion in the group.

  2. One I find myself using is passing a driver who's just cut me off, turning on my signal, pointing at driver to get his (or her) attention, then pointing at my rear turn signal, then flipping them off while shaking my head :)
  3. The 'F*** there are ants in my helmet from when I left it on the ground' signal perhaps? :tantrum:
  4. didnt know the speed camera one. good topic.
  5. Sorry smee, looked and searched did not find this previous post.... add another hands in front of eyes...cant see.
  6. Left leg extended and raised while overtaking = "You're mirror requires adjusting."

    Standing beside the bike, staring into helmet with hopeless expression on face = "I just vomited in my helmet, what do I do now?"

    Bike leaning against a fence, rider kicking bike in anger = "Why did I go with Suzuki?"

    Sunday morning, bike parked to side of road, helmet dropped in gravel 5 metres away, rider over fence with pants around boots = AGB was sooner and much softer than previously expected.
  7. hahahahhahaha hahahahahah oh thats a killer - it cracked me up
  8. if i pass a cop, how far should i keep warning fellow riders? 5km? 10km? 100km?

    what if i make a turn off and there's a 50/50 chance that rider will end up going that way? do i warn? or is it just rider discretion.
  9. Open and shutting your fist repeatedly means turn your bloody indicator off.

    Circulating one raised finger is a sign for police. Doing the same thing pointing down means whip until egg whites form soft peaks.
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  11. Bwaaaahhhhh!

    after they have removed and replaced the remains of the original mirror.
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  13. BWahaha, i just spat my coffee everywhere
  14. lol classic
  15. im crashing lol
  16. Nice one grue, im so going to use the oh my god hi to you to everyone i see for a week just to see the reactions.
  17. Rider in front alternately lifts feet up and down on the pegs....cyclists ahead...nah, I just made that up.
  18. Oh my god, HI to you!

    That had me in tears :rofl:
  19. Cheers Grue

    That was piss funny.
    I'm crashing...

    I love those little bids. Good value.