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Hand made Neckwarmer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Peony, May 18, 2015.

  1. as someone who is handy with a pair of knitting needles I have decided to have a go at making one of these for myself - my jacket definitely leaves the neck area exposed and I will need something for those winter rides. I can also make them in a colour to suit my mood :happy: Will let you know how it goes


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  2. You'll have to use fairly fine needles and wool to ensure it actually stops the wind getting through.
    Personally I just use a wind-blocker balaclava when it's that cold. I don't think my jacket would still fasten over something too bulky.
  3. my wife was crocheting a beanie for my son, but it didn't work(she was only new to it). she didn't close the top so its just a tube. I've claimed it as a neck warmer and it works great, even in the bitter cold at midnight. good luck with yours, looks like a good design
  4. Why am i I'm seeing the Howard Wolowitz turtleneck :]
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  5. Looks pretty good to me. I've noticed since using a neck warmer I'm getting a lot more fog in my helmet. Guessing the wind coming up under the chin was useful in removing the breath etc.

    When it gets cold this winter I have an elaborate plan to be the cold and fog. I';; be trying out a balaclava and face mask combo. The face mask is one from Aldi that is a neoprene type material, has a moulded shape for your nose with a wide slot for the nostrils, also has holes for the mouth. So far, it seems to push my breath down out of the open front vent rather than dispersing it everywhere in my helmet like the old full face balaclava used to.
  6. omg cute, will you sell them? knit me one in magenta, PeonyPeony :p
  7. haha awesome... let me know how you get on and if it does the job PeonyPeony ;)
  8. peony, a lot of commercial products fulfil this need, however, your fiendish knitting skills could also be directed at making home-made knee-warmers, like socks with no foot. I have a set made for me by a lady up in the highlands and I never ride in autumn/winter without them. Mine are about 18" long, they go from mid thigh to mid shin, and taper from the thigh to the calf.......
  9. hornethornet said commercial products aren't made with love and tenderness :D - that's what I'd pay for!
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  10. I'm not arguing the love and tenderness aspect at all!!! :)
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  11. hornethornet will consider the leg warmer idea as well - though with the scoot I can open the vents and the heat from the engine keeps the legs warm
  12. I'm just stuck on the fact you pay for love and tenderness......that must be what I'm doing wrong I need to pay for it :)
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  13. Hey PeonyPeony, if you get on a roll, will you keep knitting till you get to your feet? You'd certainly be warm then!

    And what a fashion statement you'd be making..... ;-)
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  14. That's clever PeonyPeony . Not being handy at knitting, the best I can do is make metal armor which wouldn't be as comfortable. :( Whoever your model is, they have the perfect blend of grey in the beard to go with the neck warmer!
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  15. That's a shame....I'm not a great fan of Brad Pitt. :happy:
  16. PetesulPetesul will probably just stick to the pattern.... for now ;)

    GoldenberriGoldenberri the photos I posted were on the pattern - so not sure who the gentleman might be - mine is going to be in purples & then it is a magenta one for ChristinekChristinek :happy:
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  17. I need a mood option that says "knitting"
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  18. Well, I wasn't going to tell you it was me, was I?