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Hand Guards and Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DisgruntledDog, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I've got a new job that's in the city which means a 160k round trip commute. It's going to get cold in the mornings around here real soon so I'm thinking it's time to get prepared.

    I was just going to get heated grips fitted but a mate suggested I get hand guards too. I've got a Bandit 1250. Has anyone tried this or have any advice?

  2. I've got handguards on my Tiger 1050 (Barkbuster Storm guards) but no heated grips. I figured I'd try the handguards first and heated grips if they weren't enough.

    The handguards certainly help - they make a pocket of stagnant air around the hands/gloves (no more windchill on the hands!) and, when moving, help to keep the gloves sheltered from the rain.

    That worked well for NSW winters and night riding away from the coast. Unfortunately a year or so after fitting those I moved to QLD for work, where it's too hot for handguards most of the time and winter is a laughable joke wherein I put the handguards back on and ride everywhere with summer gloves on just fine.
  3. I was contemplating the same thing earlier the week.
    Haven't looked around too much so far, but will try the gaurds first and see if it helps enough.
  4. If your budget allows, just get both... You'll def use them....
    Heated grips and had guards will be the first thing on my next bike I'll be getting this month.....

    Make your ride practically comfortable a priority rather than any fashion statement and ride any time I say...
  5. I've just got heated handgrips. thinking about the guards. depends on your gloves. really need normal palms and insulated backs.
  6. I tried a bike with a set of oxford grips and the damn things run at like 45c... Wow were they nice and toasty :D.
    Will be getting a set of wind deflectors and heated grips for the next bike too. Only because im a pussy and dont like the cold, but will ride all winter all the same.
  7. Oxford grips are awesome. However, I finish work at 3am and I ride home on the freeway and I find on really cold nights even though my palms are nice and toasty that inbetween my fingers can still get cool from cold air coming through the seams of the gloves (doesnt help I have crap winter gloves). So on my next bike I will be getting a set of bark busters and heated grips and it will avoid this problem.
    My advice, get both.
  8. I had the oxford grips and can highly recommend them.

    Also something you should consider are handle bar muffs.
    Depending on the bike it may be a better option.
    cheaper and easier to install. Less permanent.
    I have a spare in the packaging still if anyone is interested lol
  9. I just bought a set of hand guards today from the US. I'll find some Oxford grips somewhere out in Internet land tonight.
  10. Oxford grips are $140-00 in Lilydale, Just bought a pair,
  11. Handguards and heated grips are great. The combination has, in the past, allowed me to comfortably wear summer mesh gloves year round, even on frosty mornings.
  12. V keen on the idea. But put off ordering from US cos needed more stuff to combine shipping.

    Mind sharing what type/model you've ordered, and from where? Thanks.

    I do 50k commute daily in all kinds of weather. No heated grip, but 7 pairs of gloves last count!
  13. I would like a pair of those hand guards, My finger tips get cold, not my hands,
    But there is no where to put them on the Bird, The bars are just too crowded,
  14. One of the nice design touches about BMWs is that, on many (maybe all but I haven't looked) of their faired bikes, they position the mirrors to act as handguards. Very effective indeed.
  15. I've never heard of anyone UNinstalling a set of Oxfords :LOL:

    but as I get older the idea of wind deflectors as well gains more and more merit

    get both!
  16. the er6 is the same. but it seems they attach at the bar ends and not the bars. look at the barkbusters web site.

  17. I hadnt seen those ones before, They will do nicely, Thanks for the info,
  18. Was just thinking about these today on the blackbird, doing some *high* highway speeds for some distance in cold air.

    The bird's aerodynamics means the wind is rushing past just outside the handlebars and the handles themselves are in a slight vortex, therefore Im wondering how much these handguards will help if the air is coming from the sides and behind.
  19. On my Bird, my fingers are dangling in the breeze, I have 12 inch risers, so my pinkys are totally exposed, My hands dont get cold as they are protected from the wind by the levers,

    I just need some thing to protect the very ends of my pinkys,

    As for the Birds clipons, I have no Idea, The clipons were the first Mod to go on my Bird,