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Hand Guard one - Car mirror zero

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Let me start this by saying this vent is mainly directed at myself and not the car.....

    So the situation :- On The Eastern Freeway this morning happily splitting as per normal when a car starts to change lanes from the far right hand lane right in front of me. No time to get on the brakes , just enough time to do a quick swerve to the left but alas not far enough for me to completely avoid the cars mirror. looking back I see a part of it go sailing off onto the road.

    Why the Fcuk did they do that I think; and then it becomes obvious - there is a nose to tail about 500 meters ahead and traffic has come to a complete stop and there is a police car blocking the lane

    So what did I learn from this -
    • Yes I have been splitting with out incident since I moved offices but that does not mean it will not happen
    • Look further down the road and read the traffic better
    • Slow it down a bit, lots of bikes out this morning and with the benefit of hindsight i reckon I was pushing it more than normal
    • Hand guards are my friend
    • Just because you do something every day does not make it safe to do so
    • Cars will do things that you may not have predicted - or at least not in time
    • My counter steering practice was worth it as I did not go straight into their door but it still needs more work.
    • Things can happen very very fast
    Mostly I am angry with myself, over confident, and let the fact that there were other bikes on the road have an influence on how I was ridding.

    Big note to myself - Ride your own ride; it does not matter if people go past you.

    Will I keep splitting - yes but I will take it back a notch and do it at my own pace not at the pace of those around me.

    I was sort of angry at the car at the time but now after a coffee and sometime to think about I reckon it was all my fault and they were the innocent victim in this incident. I can only imagine what shock they got and what story they are telling at work this morning.

    By the time it had all sunk in fully I was stopped behind the police car and they were about 500 meters further back so I just kept going. I feel bad about that now should have pulled over and waited for them and made good.

    Anyway it was big wake up call for me - shit will happen and it is completely up to me to make sure I am doing everything I can to minimise it.

    Any advice positive or negative welcome, I really want to use this incident to improve my ridding.

    Cheers Jeremy
  2. If the situation helps your situation awareness, then something good has come of it.

    Don't worry about fault or blame tho - serves no one much good.
  3. Ironically the legal part of splitting where you pass 1 car in a separate lane is far more dangerous than the illegal part where you pass between 2 cars. Always be mindful of holes in traffic, when you approach one, slow down and cover the brakes. When you go through, use the whole free lane. I always slalom out a fair way.