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hand grips

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ibanez, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. just a quick question, i am looking at getting some new hand grips and want to know do they all come in a universal size. I've heard of using electrical tape underneath the grips if its a loose fit, but not sure what you would do if they where to small, short or to long. I have a 92 GSXR.

  2. use Glue to stick them on. Doesnt matter if you wont like it 6months down the road, den wen it comes to that, use a box cutter straight through the middle long way and jus split it like a banana.

    i would say get the manufacturer's branded handgrip so it goes with the bike :)

    CBR go with Cbr you get me :)
  3. Buy the right size, diameter, etc, to fit the bike :wink:
  4. +1 ^^
  5. so there are differrent sizes? i am looking to buy online and the grips dont have any details about size.
  6. You could try search the inter-ma-net for the sizes of the bike's handle diameters etc etcetc

    i hope you are able to find stuff :)
  7. Yea, you need to get the grips to fit your diameter. Don't buy anything from the bike's manufacturer though, you'll pay much more than you need to and the stock grips are gerenally pretty crap.

    I like progrip gel myself.
  8. Diameter:
    IF you have the original handlebars on the bike, you need grips
    for 22mm (7/8inch) handlebars. The left grip will be 22mm, the right
    grip will be a little larger to allow space for the throttle tube.
    This is the standard size for about 80% of bikes.

    Big cruisers like HD and the bigger Jap ones use 1" or sometimes
    even bigger. The smallest of kids mini bikes can use smaller sizes.
    ATV/Quadbikes and jetskis normally use 22mm (7/8") both sides
    because they don't have a throttle tube.

    Too short is rare, and not really a problem unless it is by heaps because
    you can just position the grip where you need it.
    Too long does occasionally happen and you can squash the
    grip up a bit to fit or just trim it with a razor blade. Make sure that
    there is no friction in the throttle (eg the outside end of the grip
    doesn't rub on the handlebar end) or you will have a dangerous
    condition where the throttle doesn't automatically shut down.
  9. thanks for the info guys
  10. If you are scared of gluing them, you can use hairspray to glue which is lighter than normal glue and makes them easier to remove... but sometimes the hairspray will dissolve when wet and you will need to re-apply...

  11. The correct size tubes shouldn't need any glue. If the size is incorrect, I wouldn't be using them......
  12. I would ALWAYS use glue.

    I've tried without, even using super-sticky grips that grab the metal well.
    I've tried with hairspray.
    Both times, it took just one heavy rain for the grips to come loose
    and slide around which is obviously bad for keeping control of the bike.

    I also like to tie-wire the grips if it is a high-stress riding style, e.g. my
    current sportsbike which will go to track days.