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NSW Hand free device (not for mobile phones) L,P plate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by peterngit, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. i am aware that Learners and P1 are not allowed to use a mobile phone or hands free device, i want to know when they say hands free do they mean only when connected to a mobile or all hands free in general? i am looking to use one just to connect to a standalone gps device. Will i be fine just for having a hands free device on my helmet?

  2. As long as you can't make a phone call, it is fine.
  3. Thanks, just didn't want to get hassle because its connect to a helmet and it looks like it can be used to make a call
  4. peterngitpeterngit - do a search - quite a few threads on this topic already around here.

    If you have your phone connected to a handsfree with earphones in your ear this is very difficult to see - doubt if anyone will ever be able to tell unless they ask you to remove your helmet etc.

    NOT saying that you should break the law or anything, just mentioning the 'difficulties' faced by law enforcement that could be exploited by 'those lawless bikies'.
  5. Yep, im just going to connect it to the gps not my phone, its just alot of the motorcycle hands free has buttons/main united mounted to the outside of the helmet
  6. What make/model of GPS are you using ?
  7. i having gotten it yet, but i am looking at Garmin 660, is there a cheaper alternative you would recommend?
  8. No mate most dedicated MC gps systems are a little pricey . I just use the metroview app on my iPhone which gives fixed speed and red light camera alerts , that's my main concern :) , Do a search on here the best gps topic as been talked about a number of times ,
  9. Of what relevance is it whether OP can make a call or not?
  10. Read his question, read my response, read the road rule
  11. Yes, hence the question to you.
    • Not use any mobile phone, including hands free devices or loudspeaker, while riding, while your motorcycle is moving or is stopped but not parked.
    Do you need me to explain what a mobile phone is?
  12. "As long as you can't make a phone call" has a different meaning to "As long as you do not make a phone call"
  13. Ok, does this make it better?
    "Learner and P1 drivers are not permitted to use any function of a phone while operating a vehicle."

    Any function includes connecting to a hands-free device, eg. bluetooth.
  14. Now, that makes sense. Thanks.
  15. Did i win?
  16. Where you finish is what matters, and you came out OK in the end :)
  17. Fight, fight, fight!

    Wait, what? What just happened?


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  18. Yeh so far it seems illegal if i hook it up to my mobile, but not if its use for mp3 player/gps. I am just worried if they are allowed to give me a fine on an assumption that it is hooked to my mobile